You won’t win war you have started with Bemba elders – Mumba advises Sata

You won’t win war you have started with Bemba elders – Mumba advises Sata

The PF and President Michael Sata have chosen to bring insecurity and tension in Bemba land by their attempts to dethrone the recently enthroned Chitimukulu, says MMD leader Nevers Mumba
Dr Mumba says the MMD is shocked at the unorthodox manner the PF wishes to interfere with the decision the Shi Lubembas have made of choosing Mr. Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief of the Bemba speaking people.

‘We condemn the unwarranted deployment of security forces to Chitimukulu’s palace. We demand that the police be withdrawn immediately as these actions will only antagonize the Bemba speaking people,’ he said.

‘We understand that the President has requested for members of the Lubemba council to travel to Lusaka for dialogue.

‘We don’t see how any dialogue can take place when the palace is under siege. We demand for the immediate withdrawal of the police before any meaningful dialogue can be considered’ said Dr Mumba.

Dr Mumba advised Sata that he can never win the battle he has started saying ‘the Bashi Lubemba are the supreme council of the Bemba people and they do not report to the permanent secretary or the President.

Dr Mumba said Bashi Lubemba were in existence  before PF came into government and they will continue to exist long after PF has left office.

The MMD demanded that the security forces be withdrawn from the palace immediately aand that the installation of the new Chitimukulu takes place without any intimidation and interference from the PF government.

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