Young Leaders Alliance opposed to crucifying RB




Fellow country men and women, I am compelled to add a voice to the many concerns that have arisen as a result of the political crisis prevailing in the nation. The penalty of ignoring politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. That shall be our fate country men and women, if we divorce ourselves from indulging in issues facing the nation today.

Corruption is a cancerous vice to a nation’s development: funds that could be targeted at improving education, health and the social welfare of the citizens are channeled to serve selfish interests. Though the scourge is not enough the fight against corruption in Zambia has turned into a weapon through which political opponents of the state are stifled.

Without making any insinuations I wish to draw the nation’s attention on the following matter, I strongly believe that people are not empty cans that can be filled with government concocted propaganda. People are pregnant with their own ideas as such am merely playing a role of a midwife helping people to give birth to their own ideas:


The lifting of the fourth republican president Rupiah Bwezani Banda’s immunity is not only devoid of legal procedure but an inhumane act meant to furnish sinister political agendas. It evidently clear that the PF government is bent on settling old scores with RB, using the constitution and propaganda as a means to their fetish end.

The laws of natural justice were not observed, the so called Government and Joint Investigative Team, fabricated flimsy allegations and with a predetermined mind passed their judgment on RB. Is there any morality in the lifting of RB’s immunity? Certainly NO!

When Rupiah Banda is acquitted as is the obvious case will the state restore his immunity? How much money is the state going to plunder in the name of prosecuting or is it persecuting Rupiah Banda? History has taught us that the late President Dr. FTJ Chiluba suffered similar injustices, it was alleged that he had plundered K 2 Billion then and the state spent over K 7 Billion over the case in their desperate ploy to incriminate FTJ, eventually the Task Force on corruption was disbanded consequently FTJ was acquitted after over 5 years of been dragged to the courts. Unfortunately he was unable to enjoy his freedom due to his untimely death. We treated our father of democracy like a common thief, not considering his gallant contributions to the nation! We owe it to posterity not to repeat the same mistake. Let us not subject RB to the same humiliation that we subjected FTJ!


Since its inception into office, we have heard many allegations of the prevalence of corruption in PF; for instance it is alleged that the archbishop of lifting RB’S immunity Wynter Kabimba is involved in an oil deal scam, but since he is Sata’s favorite son he has not been subjected to scrutiny and those like Lubinda who opposed corruption in PF have suffered untold injustices. It is absurd to assume that such a government stinking with corruption is on a higher moral plane to fight corruption.

Allegations leveled against Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda will remain allegations, despite ploys by PF to twist the truth. Why should the tax payers’ money be wasted on such a fruitless expedition? When Hospitals are lacking medicine, University Students have gone on a riotous rampage due to lack of meal allowances!

Corruption cannot be fought through corrupt practices! In the face of the media RB is been tried and he has been found guilty. Is this what justice is? If the PF government has evidence of their allegations why are they desperate to persecute RB even if it means BREAKING ALL THE RULES!

Fellow country men and women the task that faces us is grand, posterity shall judge us harshly if we crucify an innocent old man who is suppose to be peacefully enjoying retirement. The international community holds RB in the highest esteem, he has contributed immensely to helping ailing democracies in Africa, and he is a champion of democracy and a true statesman.

I appeal to every patriotic citizen, to think deeply concerning the persecution of RB and corruption of the PF government. Let us use our conscience and not succumb to cheap political gymnastics. As the Young Leaders Alliance we are diametrically opposed to corruption, and to plunder the tax payers money under the masquerading outfit of fighting corruption is the greatest atrocity done against the people of Zambia.

Abash political intimidation! Viva justice!


Walamba Mulenga Titus


Young Leaders Alliance- Secretary General

22Nd March, 2013

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