Young soldier promoted by Sata recently goes mad

Young soldier promoted by Sata recently goes mad

facebook-20140610-092439 facebook-20140610-092445 facebook-20140610-092455Mercy Samatemba, the young female ZAF officer who was promoted by president Sata from Lieutenant to Major for successfully commanding a squad of her colleagues including men during the pass out ceremony in Livingstone has run mad.

Believe it or not, word in the Zambia Air force Bases (ZAF) is that she has been bewitched.
Lieutenant Samatemba was deployed to Lusaka West base but was transferred to another base after the promotion. But she hasn’t reported to the other base due to the sickness.

Soldiers spoken to say witchcraft are rampant in all the Zambia Defence forces.
‘As for her, I hear the pressure & unfriendly spirit was too much from her rank mates – Majors, because she was too young to be elevated to that rank,’ said one soldier.

‘It was so painful to her instructors to start saluting her immediately after the commissioning parade because they felt belittled and unrecognized by the Head of State,’ said another soldier.
A few ZAF officers spoken to complained bitterly about witchcraft in the force and some of them have abandoned their houses in the camps to stay outside the camps.

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