Your see Mr Lungu, we don’t care anymore



Dear Mr Edgar Lungu; Kindly answer me, Who will be questioned for any unruly child? the neighbors, the community, the society or the parents?
It’s the parents!! All of this has happened on your watch Mr Lungu, last year on 21st April 2016 I wrote an article letter to you calling
you to tame your cadres with their behavior they where removing HH posters and destroying Billboards while you kept quiet, its been like
this always when PF misbehaves you are no where to be seen! The world only hears your iron fist when its something to do with UPND
regardless whether its true or not true as in this case of fire; you
don’t care. We were slaughtered like animals at the grave yard by PF
cadres (your cadres ) you did nothing, PF have terrorized us like hell
even the devil himself father of all evil feels sorry for us you are nowhere to be seen, we die like chickens its no news to you, why ?
because we are UPND,we have starved and died in hospitals you do
nothing,our livelihood has been taken away in this so very harsh
economy and you have done nothing, a lot of injustice is happening in
your government you do nothing, sometimes we even wonder if you are
the president for PF citizens only or UPND are not part of Zambians
where you claim to be the leader; we have so many questions to ask but
no one to answer them? I don’t know the dark cloud that fallen on
zambia that all this is happening for the first time in history under
your leadership that had all of us worried and shocked, lest we doubt
if you still exist when other groups of people are crying.
UPND is not part of the fire that gutted at City market, am not trying
to rule out the fact of sabotage but surely thinking outside the box
its not easy for someone to walk in there and set fire its success to
that symptomatic catastrophe is less than 10 % no person can easily
succeed in doing that from nowhere 05:30 for that matter??? Lusaka
capital city where were was the security? not even that 05:30 is
already morning life is in lusaka who will surely walk in there
successfully gut the market on fire? I don’t buy it not even a bit.
;, deep down your heart and God is seeing you right there knows very
well that there is no way a UPND cadre can penetrate that high powered
security from both Zambia police and PF police (we don’t even know the
difference anyway because we are totally afraid of both) at city
market and burn it while your police are watching; every reasonable
Zambian including yourself knows this story its true; is it too much
to ask of you , your government and all its structures to behave for a
moment and put politics aside towards this national tragedy that needs
every sober hand and voice out there to get our mighty city market
back on track again? this is not campaign time to scandalize your
friends no matter how deep you hate us please, people are crying for
the tragedy, that fire has not affected PF, UPND, FDD, UPP or EEP
cadres it has affected zambians of all walks of life others who have
nothing to do with politics traders or not traders we are all affected
directly and indirectly its a national lose, a draw back to peoples
lives, we need to find what went wrong and prevent in future; you had
no stand in the market there with goods to know the degree of pain
that fire has caused to the shop or stand owners who feeds their kids,
pay rentals , educate their families etc, you have no idea. As a
leader whats your home work when such calamity occurs? to add more
pain to the victims or what ? Just whats really on your minds you guys
in PF for God sake going emotionally like that in blaming UPND people
your fellow Zambians that you know are not that easily capable of such
a thing amidst that security? is this a hoax to kill us for being UPND
or what? because God and you knows we didn’t do that its interesting
to see how you as leaders who are supposed to be the unifying and
comforting beacons of peace provoking more anarchy and tension for
your political gain, peharbs you know what we don’t know going by
madam Inonge’s conclusion even before the investigations are done I
was so shocked and disappointed than never before! so what happens
when the conclusion from the respected and entrusted investigators
shows or finds that it was electrical faulty? Because people are
saying that there is a DB box that used to shot-circuited at peak
loads and Zesco was informed long time ago but didnt replace it or
whatever, its the word on the street 9 out of 10 people are saying its
electricity fault true or not but the possibility is over 95 %
possible just because you hate HH is this how evil zambia has become
surely? what will your government say? If strategic and well designed
structures are able to catch fire due to electricity faults by
accident what exempts city market with all that population and degree
of activities that where there?. The vice president said that it was
sabotage by who else its us (UPND) although not mentioned in full;
that we should find our country and go really how did she arrive at
those conclusions when all of us don’t know anything? If its Larry
mweetwa you think is behind that because he is UPND based in UK kindly
question him, he will say who he was with at city market burning it
while the police where watching at him without doing anything we will
support the police because the UPND I know is cannot do that; we are
political rivals yes who have unfinished business in courts but surely
linking UPND in each and every scandal as perpetrators even when facts
don’t add up is not fair one day things will back fire and you will
need us beyond politics. seriously you guys are not helping this
country but destroying it further than it is. will it please you to
see or hear that marketeers of city market have killed UPND members
for burning the market a scenario you well know they didn’t but heard
it from you as government? Sir you are not helping this country , now
you want to declare a state of emergency based on assumptions of hate
towards UPND and HH surely who will suffer? its Zambians not HH or
Yesterday it was all Zambias glued to znbc had their hearts in their
hands as you went on to envoke article 31; we do respect the law and
the constitution may I take this opportunity to question you what
happened to the article that said when the petition is effect someone
ought to step down and the matter is exhausted? What happened to the
judgment that said all ministers who served illegally whilst the
parliament was disolved must pay back the money? It has died a natural
cause; to add two more salts on the saw, what happened to thelaw that
said Madam Margaret Mwanakatwe and her Munali coounter-part Miss Luo
has their seats nulified ? What’s happening? Its really unfair to
subject thorough interpretation of the constitution and law when the
target victims are Upnd as compared to the global cry for the PF to
follow the and the constitution? The city market saga is a biggest
scandal meant to completely silent and kill all of us UPND in order to
prolong your stay in power beyond 2021 against all odds. have failed
to unite this country and have run it the way you did with your own
life and career!!!
You ran that into the ground and you are doing the same to this country!!!
No vision,no responsibility no purpose and no understanding!!! you
guys should be retired and arrested in national interest; this is not
fair i wonder where God is allowing so much injustice and pain from
you, if its his will then we are not going to question him but if its
you (Edgar Lungu) doing this believe me Zambia will live forever you
wont this is not how things should be done.
PF cadres are killing and butchering people you are nowhere to be seen
or heard, up to now no arrest has been made by those known cadres that
no investigations are needed to trace all because they are your PF,
brutality and unfair arrests, HH is there in prison for doing
absolutely nothing if he is guilty why not charging him so that he
faces the law? but you know it very well in your heart that your
friend is really innocent. Do what you want its your time, kill us we
will die smiling for being UPND and our blood will forever haunt you,
you will never see peace in your life together with all those who help
you to oppress your friends, we deeply regret with heavy hearts ,
sorrow and solidarity to the victims of that fire at the same time we
do complain the unfair finger pointing and blaming Upnd its really sad
the notion of hate being planted in people’s minds that UPND are this
, UPND are that are making all of us to look like criminals to the
public when in fact these are hoaxes of trying to demonize us in the
eyes of the public; however there are those who are falling into that
trap and there are also those that are standing behind us saying
indeed you guys are innocent this can’t be you. I am Edward Roy Makayi
, a Zambian citizen by birth and registration with a free will of
right to belong to any political party of my choice and I chose UPND
for my own reasons kill me because you are the giver of life, you are
immortal who will never die, I don’t hate you, I don’t see you as a PF
because those are just words, I see you as my fellow Zambian who I can
criticize when you go wrong and applaud when you do right. God himself
the creator of universe and life never forces people to recognize him
surely who are you to kill because people questioning your
eligibility? you win. we have nothing to loose or fear, we where born
with nothing God gave us life and wisdom with freedom of choice and
belonging that you (Edgar lungu ) is killing us for, do it if thats
what pleases you, your day will surely come God will question you.

(I live in 6 miles come and arrest me if you want i have no power to
fight my fellow Zambian but God gave me a voice and wisdom to speak
whats on my mind and this is my reaction) I forgot no need of 2000
police officers with dogs or huge AK guns and teargas am just a simple
university student even a simple tax is enough for me and please put
me where HH is I don’t care the charge for speaking out my mind no
need of courts am guilty already don’t worry.



  • Ummmmm am none partisan but BA watchdog this makes sense,I hope all things get back to nomal.

  • Recruit Police Officer We Want To Work Us.

  • Mr Lungu is the president of all zambians weather mad or normal but upnd u separet yoself from him u always talk rubbish,thats we have considered u as fools

    • I hope my brother u wont be affected with whatever comes next pliz let us learn to preach peace and not adding fire bcoz people who have seen how war starts r right now worried of the situation in zambia

  • Pple let us not creat what is nt difficult. I knw en understand tht u r nt part of th families who lost those properties @ city market. U just want to open yo naked minds jst bcoz u feel u’ve ready books with out wisdom.. come on grow up

  • `I will switch to dictator mode and some people will lose their human rights’ ~The humble man.
    Those who learn nothing from History are destined to repeat it.

    Prior to going full dictator mode Adolf Hitler had
    1)Reichstag fire: Burnt down own parliament and blamed it on the opposition.
    2)People’s court: These used summarized court cases to persecute the opposition.
    3)Banned the press
    4)The concordant agreement: Allowed Hitler to rule without criticism from the church.

    If you have never seen a wolf in sheep’s clothing today you have.Don’t be fooled by a cheap humility parade, and woke up and smell the coffee.
    ‘Those who sacrifice their freedom for the sake of their security, end up with neither’ ~Thomas Jefferson. COPIED

  • Michael Robert

  • the annoying thing is that no one seems to look at yhe issur intelligently. Almost everyone is blaming everyone as if they were there when the fire started. Learn to be sobber and reason.

  • Watchdog! What criteria do u use to know that this person is upnd? From your writing it’s like u are very sure that no one from upnd was affected by city market fire & u at the same time suggest that it’s upnd who had a hand in that fire, city market fire is a pain in the gut 4 everyone PF, upnd, mmd, etc.I can just call it (A cry without walls)

  • Ba UPND stop the hate simple!

  • comment-avatar
    Yeta Lubinda 8 months

    “you Can Call Me Names But One day I Will Land On You”…From His Excellence Dr ECL

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    Star chabala wat type of thinking is this of u sying lungu put’s food on peoples tables, o maybe to yo table since u a cadre who r busy murmuring killing beating people n touching markets which u hv bn guarding yoselfs instead of council guards ,Zambia police ,o private security guards, we feed Edger lungu we Zambia’s not lungu feeding Zambians u fool,for lungu remember president FTJ CHILUBA he had a lot of friends during his time us president misleading him to do wrong things at de beginning of his prosecution’s Chiluba ws with only Regina his wife everyone run away from him,to dis old fool RB wen his time of accounting for his crimes he ws left with his wife TANDIWE ,Mr E c lungu learn something from this, I leave it to u to decide yo future after yo presidency

  • Lungu v Hh .a police v poisoner. Ni muli ba lulu

  • Just watching…,lets wait and see!

  • If a dog do wing hau,hau in th yard is a sign of lungu and his team fear th petetion.

  • PF can’t fight losers, for what benefit if l may ask also ? Bitter cadres are the one provoking others. It has been there since independence. Where were you when UNIP cadres used to brutalize Radicals in MMD. MMD cadres was provoking the other camp, such that the fracas was on daily basis. MMD took power it was the same, PF cadres thought they was more popular than the ruling party hence problems continued. Now PF are on the show, & the UP&DOWN cadres are on pressure now to provoke their colleagues in the other camp. See ? It is always been there the opposition who are bitter to provoke the ruling party cadres. Now , we have to read that through our past record and not what you’re saying today you craps.

  • Pls it not about fighting whole time that is why u failing to know what is happening coz one child as given the police a answer on that when they wantd him to call is parents.On the case of under age drinking beer.Drama will not help any one like ICC issue.

  • If you find a chakolwa nakolwa sana and tell him,”you’re drunk’,what will be his response?Insults/fight.If you catch a man and woman comitting adultery and try to tell other people about it,what will be the response from those sinners?They’ll deny it.Catch a thief with your wallet and tell him,”you stole my wallet”,will he accept?I don’t think so.Let us think deeply about what is happening where no one seems to be taking responsibility.

  • Let Them Be Those Who Are Busy Sayng The Presido Is Write To This.And Those Same Pipo Will Turn Against Him Wen Things Get Worse Thats Wen U Ar Going To Realise That Wat He Did Was Totaly Wrong.Lesa Iseni Mutwafwe Zambia Yalila.

  • Does it mean you ar happy with what happened??? The burning of city market or any other market has brought impact not only on PF members but even some ar upnd,come on innocent people ar suffering a loss ar u cannot sympathize with them!!!! Its a pity Zoona its A pity.

    • My bro,every human being is very symphathetic to what has happened where a lot of our brothers and sisters have lost their livehoods.What we’re just concerned about is the response from our leaders.Instead of allowing the investigative wings do their jobs,the leaders a busy putting up some stories.Should we expect the police to do a proffessional job?Don’t you think they are being distabed?What we are all praying for is for the police to be allowed to do their job,investigate that matter,arrest the perpetraters and let them be prosecuted.Our other prayer is for the Government and other well wishers to help these families who lost their properties in that inferno.

    • No sane person is happy to see fellow citizens hard work go to waste. What others are saying is that government doesn’t want to investigate and punish the culprits or find the actual cause. Instead, they want an easy way out of saying it’s so and so without an investigation.

    • Can u feel that..!thats what happens when we pretend not to know the truth,.the devil comes to play with ur emotions.

    • No wonder truth must always be reserved. When you stand to distort it, u end up sharing office with the devil. Its worth being objective.

  • BA watch keep on biting on sameone who actually put food in your plates..lungu this,Lungu that!..will you guys ever grow up and accept defeat?..i honestly think you are behind the unfotunate tragic that occurred at city market..justice will be served..God’s wrath never let the innocent tears fall to the ground in vain..

  • It’s Larry Mweetwa who paid those who destroyed campaign billboards across the country. Watchdog leka umungulu please!

    • And who paid those who destroyed billboards for upnd and other political parties?

  • An angry man is an angry man, I don’t care the hate for the truth!

  • ba pipo ar foolish destoryin things wont stop lungu being president but will make the country lack behind and even if it was on the watch of any other president zambia was not built in day!

  • those who still support edward lubinda i doubt if u ve brains

  • what drives him I mean he shud look at the pipo who advise him

  • its really sad mwandi…

  • who promised Armageddon in Zambia?

  • u dnt accept that Edgar lungu is a president y are u crying for help from him ?u refused dat is nt a president y today saying is nt a gud leader think twice ?the way u are sounding its like u are behind of this city makete fire coz u r shining wait God who punish u more how many poor innocent pipo who were trading there many .so where they going to find money to buy food to feed their children some are widows u dnt even feel sad shame on u.u must even stop posting rubbish its really hates many pipo .and u think u r cleaver awe ask CHANDA chimba he runway to America but after sometimes he find himself in prison this time around he cnt nt open his mouth to talk rubbish awe

  • Mwine Muto talamba minwe

  • When one turns into a dictator he becomes worse than hiv/aids , because dictatorship has no correction or cure , a look at a few and their ending, mobutu, idi a mini , gadaffi , Saddam and many others, so it’s a shear waste of time to keep hoping that anyone can cure this disease we face today. Imagine someone in prison but can’t be tried what is that.

    • He is in prison but he is being accused of burning the markets,how possible can that be?Is he omni-present?

  • even my mum nd dady r busy fightin i should run 2 EDGER LUNGU now,mmmm hahahahahahahahahaha yakosa zoona

  • Yes government wants to make it look like they are holy, we have not seen not even one action taken against unruly PF cadres. Its true all this is happening under his watch. This has to do more alot with him than any one else let him check himself and the people around him. Oh sorry I forgot that they do not error.

  • UPND’s are problems, coz ever since they came into existance they hav never apreciated any government, in MMD, it was the same, they ar jux too angry for power and we cant trust them,

  • dont worry, he was nt born a president, he wil one day give chance to others and his life wil bl full of misery!

  • god cm and sev zambian cos sameone bicomng mad

  • We are running into a trap soon we be like in Zimbabwe


  • First to comment. What more!

  • One Edward Makayi son of the soil.