Your threat to sue government is welcome, Sata tells Nevers Mumba

Your threat to sue government is welcome, Sata tells Nevers Mumba

President Michael Sata has welcomed former Zambia’s High Commissioner to Canada, Nevers Mumba’s intentions to sue government over his 75 minute detention at Kenneth Kaunda International airport when he arrived from the North American country
two days ago.

Dr. Mumba was on Thursday allegedly detained for one hour 15 minutes at the airport by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC).

Recently President Sata claimed that there were some corruption scandals at the Zambian mission in Canada which Dr. Mumba was heading.

President Sata said the former envoy’s move to sue government are well intended because they will provide the Zambian people a golden opportunity to know what transpired at the Zambian mission in Canada before Dr. Mumba was recalled.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations George Chellah said in a statement to ZANIS today that Mr. Sata reminded Dr. Mumba that the Attorney General’s Chambers were ready to receive the legal suit at the earliest convenient time from the former
High Commissioner to Canada.

President Sata however hoped that Dr. Mumba’s legal threat was not meant to intimidate law enforcement agencies that are carrying out some investigations on him.

Mr. Sata reiterate that those facing corruption investigations must not seek to intimidate law enforcement agencies by false claims of a witch-hunt and allegations that the country was sliding into a police state.

The President also wondered why Dr. was quick to state that, “let us fill the jails of this country until freedom comes”.

“Truly, those found wanting will have to serve their time in jail before they regain their freedom. This is the position of the law and we hope Dr. Mumba and his colleagues will respect that,” President Sata said.

President Sata has further regretted that it has become fashionable for people facing legitimate investigations in the country to make what he termed as outrageous and preposterous allegations against him and the law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Sata has since stressed that an investigation was not a sentence and advised all those being investigated to calm down.

The President said Zambia was a democratic country which entails that the rule of law shall apply fairly to all citizens regardless of their status or political affiliation.

Dr. Mumba is a renowned born-again preacher, who in the late 1990s, promulgated a message of ‘Zambia Shall be saved’ before forming a Christian coalition that later evolved into a political party.

In early 2000s, the late President Levy Mwanawasa appointed Dr. Mumba as Zambia’s Vice President, a situation that led to the dissolution of the latter’s political party and its fusion into the then ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).

Dr. Mumba however ‘displeased’ President Mwanawasa through his conduct when his boss was away and was subsequently sacked.

He was later sent to Canada as Zambia’s High Commissioner to that country after 2008 when immediate past President Rupiah Banda became President following the death of Dr. Mwanawasa.

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