Youth ‘empowerment’ fund is a fallacy

Youth ‘empowerment’ fund is a fallacy


If 70% of the population are youths and children, it means for you to help this majority you just have to run the economy properly. The idea that a fund is a solution to numerous things youth face from school facilities to employment opportunities is a fallacy.

The economic system is not meant to operate in such a way, where government is that rich uncle who flashes cash on demand. That is not sustainable because youths need knowledge, experience and opportunity to be sustained over a period of time. GRZ only collects 15% of what the entire country makes in a year, it is therefore impossible for government handouts to be a sustainable solution with all these debts and salaries it has to meet, about 91% of the budget. Even K30 million is not enough to sustain all the artists, artists being painters, hand crafters, comedians, actors, musicians and the list goes on. The solution is in the policies that encourage companies to hire and train young people. Policies that support quality education.

Policies that pay parents well so that children have education. Policies that allow small businesses to access loans and contracts because these are the major employers of young people. Policies that basically have a trickle down effect to the family unit and effectively the youth. It is all about the economy. PF failed to fund the initiatives under the National Youth Policy of 2015 which promised 500,000 jobs for 5 years. What can make us believe they have the commitment at a time when we are under a recession and the treasury is broke. The same people who sent young Prime TV journalists on the streets claim to promise jobs.

They terrorize radio stations that employ young people just for hosting rival politicians. The same people who kept CBU closed because they wanted to install a security camera to spot protesters, say the care about graduates. Are they really genuine if they are ready to destroy young people’s future if their popularity gets threatened?

Judge them by their deeds when elections are far, not when they are desperate.

Richard W

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