Youth unemployment is national crisis

By Nason Msoni

Youth unemployment is a national crisis which requires serious national attention from government.
At this rate we are raising a generation of young people who will never know what it feels like to work and earn a wage. We are raising a generation of people who will live and grow without ever making a meaningful contribution of their youth strength and energy to their country’s developmental needs.
No nation on earth can prosper when it allows its huge youthful manpower strength remain idle and go to waste.
This is a national crisis of a large proportion that clearly needs a marshal plan and deliberate government national policy to tackle and solve with the urgency it deserves. No single family has been spared by the unemployment crisis that has ultimately driven young people into early morning drunks and alcoholics and indulgence of all sorts.
Youth unemployment has reached emergency levels and requires the seriousness it deserves from government. It is no-long something that we just hear about, but it is visibly there for all to see and acknowledge and wonder what next should be done.
It is even criminal and wicked for a leadership in government who ought to be part of a solution to the problem to instead take advantage of the vulnerable jobless young people and distribute machetes and all kinds of clubs for clashes and violent activities.
The dominant questions we are asking these characters in government truly unworthy to be called leaders is whether they themselves would be amused to see anyone abuse their children in this fashion and manner by arming them with weapons of violence and using them as hired thugs for political discourse of a kind?
We think it is a moral issue and where you have leaders with any moral conscience and conviction this should have been a turning point to tender resignation especially after needlessly causing death and injury to innocent young persons.
Surly it is not our intention as responsible adults of this generation to bequeath to ourselves and our children a culture of violence and lawlessness that shall long remain behind vibrating and re-vibrating when we are long gone and called to glory.
Mr. Sata owes us a duty as President and commander-in-chief by ensuring that he put his house in order by getting rid of bad and rotten eggs among his colleagues who are becoming a thorn in the flesh of the nation.
It is prudent for government and all stakeholders to hold un-indaba and start exploring ways and means of tackling youth unemployment in the country.

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