Youths accuse PF of favouring Muchinga, CB but neglecting Kabwe

Youths accuse PF of favouring Muchinga, CB but neglecting Kabwe

Kabwe town centre

Youths in Kabwe, Central province have appealed to the Patriotic Front-PF Government to implement to fulfil promises it made during the 2011 presidential elections.

The youths who complained about the poor state of roads and non operation of the Mulungushi textiles in Kabwe describe the situation
as grave.
Epyson Chipikauka, 25, a Kabwe resident observes that while some towns on the Copper belt province were receiving a face lift in road
rehabilitation, Kabwe district continues to struggle with a good road network.

Mr Chipikauka who described Kabwe as a Ghost town questioned why the district continues to lag behind despite it being the fourth town in
Zambia, and is near the capital city, Lusaka.

And Hargreaves Shaputu, 26, wondered why Kabwe district was sidelined in terms of development.

Mr Shaputu says Muchinga province, a newly created region, will soon be well developed than Central province.

Meanwhile, Mr Chipikaunka says the Africa Public Service Day event is important because it will strengthen the relations between the civil
servants and the community thereby appreciating Government’s focus in national development.

The youths said this in an interview with ZANIS in Kabwe when they visited various Government departments that exhibited their products
at the civic centre during the commemoration of Africa Public Service Day in Kabwe yesterday.

Among the departments present were Ministries of Health, Education, Sports and Community, Meteorological department, forestry, and the
drug enforcement, to name but these.

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