Youths against corruption shocked by increased theft of public money under PF

The Zambia Youths in the Fight Against Corruption (ZYAFAC) has described as broad daylight robbery the increase of unvouched government expenditure from the 77 billion kwacha recorded in 2011 to 553 billion kwacha that has been revealed for the year 2012.
The Auditor General’s office which has made the revelation has already expressed worry that such increase in unvouched expenditure recorded for the year 2012 may be an alleged means of concealing wrong-doing.

And ZYAFAC is also of the view that the revealed increased unvouched government expenditure in 2012 is an indication that there are serious lapses and that mechanisms in combating the vice have also collapsed.

Executive Director Rickson Kanema says such a situation calls for President Michael Sata to put his foot down and take action against all government officials that will be found wanting in the 2012 Auditor General’s report.

Mr. Kanema says his organization is of the further view that when Parliament opens this year it should also be considered that the Auditor General’s office is given more powers to begin to take to task all those that are cited in its reports.

He says this is one other way the fight against corruption and misappropriation of public funds will be further enhanced in the country.
The Watchdog shares the concern with ZYAFAC but differs on what role Sata is playing or should play.
We believe that Sata can not stop this graft because he is part of it. In fact, he is the captain of the thieves in PF. He is involved in corruption and if a proper investigation was to be undertaken, we are sure it would show that some of this missing money is in Sata’s personal accounts. Sata and his family are corrupt. We have exposed a lot of corrupt activities Sata and his family are involved in. The latest one was just yesterday where Mulenga Sata is corruptly involved in the installation drug scanners at the airports.
When we write and reveal these things, we do so not because we expect the government to do anything about it but simply telling the public how their elected representatives are stealing. In the future, and we are sure it is the near future, these thieves will account for all this. For now, let the kleptomaniacs enjoy themselves.

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