Youths arrested by PF thugs in Solwezi still in jail

Fifteen youths who were arrested by PF cadres on allegations of trying to register as voters despite being under age are still languishing in a Solwezi jail.

The PF has come up with yet another strategy to intimidate and discourage voters in perceived opposition strongholds from registering as voters.

PF cadres wearing black berets are marauding in places such as Solwezi threatening and intimidating would-be voters.

The PF thugs are sent from Kitwe and Lusaka.

In this cases, last Monday, the PF cadres found the youths on a queue trying to get their voters cards. They pounced on them after accusing them of being under age.

The youths produced National Registration Cards to prove their respective ages but the PF thugs had no time for that as their aim is to reduce numbers of people who will vote.

In places such as Northwestern province, people in villages put resources together to hire vehicles to take them to registration centres on particular days since registration centres are far away from their villages.


The PF thugs later handed the 15 youths over to the PF police.


“These boys and girls came all the way from Wamafwah, even the canter they used is at the police as the driver was also arrested on orders from the same PF cadres,” narrated one of the eye witnesses.

The source wondered why the youths were being harassed because its the same government that issued the same national registration cards to these boys and girls. He further wondered if indeed they are under age, then why did the registration office issue them with NRCs.

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