Youths the future leaders of tomorrow – the UNIP curse.

By Ifa Mbole

The youths of today, my generation, our generation. My heart bleeds each time I read the out-rageous hate we have towards one another. We despise each other on their tribe, region and political alignment. Our forcus is nolonger on the common problems we all face but on making other tribes, regions and political parties feel infrior. A young leader raises up to the challenge our current political play ground offers, but the youths of today sees that leader as – ” a futuer leader of tomorow.”

When were we born? Under what political era did we grow up? What political teaching(s) did we hear and live by today?
Our birth and growing up were in the time the great party UNIP was in power. It’s teaching on youth political leadership was preached in the wrong english statment – the future leaders of tomorow. These words have to this very day worked as a curse in most youths’ lives. Young men and women are pulled down from becoming top leaders in our nation by their fellow youths, insulted for their tribe and region alignment. UNIP stays in power but in different names and leadership.

Educated as we may be, but if we are to be taken back to the years our fathers fought for our freedom, I am very sure we would not get our freedom. My brothers and sisters, yes our fathers got us our freedom and political independance but we need to give our children their most needed enconomical independance. This is our call and a great gift we can ever give them.
See it in this way- My father took me to school and i finished a level of education that would land me a job but i didn’t get myself a job. Like every child would do, I asked my dad to use his connections to get me a job. Dad said, ” I started work as a general worker in ZESCO why dont you go and have yourself haired in any company or better still in the farms as a general worker.” Hey rich dad or poor dad mind-set. What I believed in was that my dad’s days of work and connections were but the foundition us children where to build on and our children to live in. I still carry this notion onto our political arena. Our fathers fought for our freedom and political independance upon which we are to build our enconomical independance for our childern to live in prosperity. But what are we doing with this independance handed down to us by our great fathers and mothers, we use it to insult and make tribal divisions. Meaning – destoring the reason of our first independance.

United educated youths would use their talents and Knowledge to build on their fathers’ foundition to develop our great nation Zambia. My brothers and sister, let us break this UNIP curse and become leaders today.

I leave you with this saying – ” if only the cob- webs could unit, they would tie an elephnat.”


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