Youths who impounded Ilegal Mukula still in detention

Youths who impounded Ilegal Mukula still in detention

Thandiwe Thania Kabalika and other youths that impounded Mukula trucks still locked up

Thandi Kabalika has emerged as a hero of the Mukula protest.

She was part of the inner campaigns for the Patriotic Front forming an inner circle of Youths around Edgar Lungu.

After the 2015 Elections Brian Hapunda, Thandiwe Thania Kabalika, Venny Kabamba Musonda, Augustine and other youths found themselves as outsiders as new youths such as Bernadette Deka took centre stage and became closer to President Lungu and his power.

The youths tried to survive by pursuing road contracts and trading in Mukula as middlemen for Chinese buyers.

When Felix Mutati was appointed as Minister of Finance, he halted all roads and other infrastructure projects. This affected all those benefitting from such contracts directly and indirectly.

But the dismissal of State House Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Chilubanama was a big blow to these youths and also left them in the cold.

And the subsequent ban of the sale of Mukula in February 2017 threw the youths to the fringes of poverty.

Last week, under the supervision and sponsorship of Chilubanama, Thandi, Venny and Augustine led the bold rebellion to confiscate the illegal Mukula being traded under the auspices of ZAFFICO!

Police rounded them up on Tuesday and they are languishing in detention facing charges of aggravated robbery for stealing $22,000 from the supervisor of the Mukula trucks.

Among those detained is a youth, a mother of four kids and a recently widowed, Fanny Zimba-Liywali.

The PF tried hard to condemn these youths as either UPND or NDC but insiders said the blood of Chilubanama, Thandi, Venny and others runs greener than the Mukula tree!

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