ZACA hails Govt move to punish people who buy from vendors

ZACA hails Govt move to punish people who buy from vendors


The Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA ) says it is in full support of government’s decision to charge consumers who will be found buying from the street vendors.

ZACA Executive Secretary Muyunda Ililonga said the association has welcomed the measure that government has put in place to curb street vending  by charging consumers found buying from street vendors.

In letter to all councils recently, President Michael Sata allowed street vending as one way of giving people the promised jobs.

But Local Government and Housing Minister, Nkandu Luo, told parliament that people buying from street vendors will be penalised.

Mr Ililonga appealed to government to consider coming up with stiffer punishment that should be meted on consumers buying from the street vendors.

He explained that street vending could have been a thing of the past if only consumer refrained from buying from street vendors.

He said consumers should be blamed for buying from street vendors as this has contributed to street vendors shunning to operate from designated market places.

Mr Ililonga said street vending will only be abated once consumers refrain from buying from the streets.

He said street vendors keep flocking onto the streets because of the consumers who have continued to buy from them.

Mr Ililonga wondered why consumers keep complaining of street vending when they are the ones encouraging street vending by buying from the

However, Mr Ililonga was optimistic that the measure put by government will play a pivotal role in abating vending.

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