ZACA says latest increase of electricity will hit the poor hard, again

The Zambia Consumers Association (ZACA) says PF Cabinet’s approval of the review of bulk supply agreements signed between ZESCO Limited and bulk customers will result in business entities increasing the prices of their products and services.

ZACA Information and Publicity Officer Juba Sakala says government should have first sat with bulk consumers to agree on the tariffs instead of simply directing ZESCO to migrate to cost reflective tariffs.

Mr Sakala says the people who will bear the cost are the poor Zambians.

He said it is not the fault of the bulk consumers that the country is facing massive load shedding thus it is unfair to have their tariffs increased without consulting with them.

Mr Sakala said that at the end of the day it should be a win-win situation for both parties.

He said that it is the hope of ZACA that the increase in electricity tariffs for bulk users will not be transferred to the consumers who are already subjected to a high cost of living.

Mr Sakala further  said that it is the hope of ZACA that government knows what it is doing and that it is doing it for the benefit of the people of Zambia.

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