ZACA wants mealie meal prices reduced

The Zambia Consumer Association has advised government and the Millers Association of Zambia to stop the blame game over high mealie meal prices in the country.

ZACA Executive Secretary Samuel Simutunda says it is disappointing that government and MAZ are playing the blame game at the expense of stabilizing the price of the staple food in view of the bumper harvest the country has recorded.

Mr. Simutunda said following the announcement that the country was poised to record a bumper harvest, the impression the people of Zambia had was that the price of Mealie meal was going to reduce, but that instead the price of mealie meal has been escalating.

He said that if government is convinced that it is the Millers who are responsible for the high mealie meal prices, it should take an aggressive approach towards the millers to try and address the situation.

Mr. Simutunda explained that the poor who are the majority Zambians are not affording the high mealie meal prices and have continued to wallow in poverty which should not be the case especially with the recorded bumper harvest.

He said that it is government’s responsibility to ensure it comes up with a solution if Millers have failed to come up with ways of reducing mealie meal prices.

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