ZACCI asks why BA and Emirates sends defective planes to Zambia

The Zambia Chamber of  Commerce and Industry (ZACCI)  has expressed concern on the near-fatalities of airline carriers being used by renowned international airlines between Lusaka and London as well as between Lusaka and Dubai.

It is for this reason that we would like the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to break it silence and issue a comprehensive statement on the quality of airplane carriers that British Airways (BA) and Emirates are sending to Zambia. A few years ago we had issues and incident after incident with Ethiopian airplane carriers sent to Lusaka, now this has extended to British Airways and Emirates.

Travelers between Lusaka and London as well as Lusaka and Dubai have been quietly raising concerns on the quality and age of the carriers being sent to Africa and Zambia in particular. The recent experiences should not end at Public Relation statements from the local offices of both BA and Emirates. The DCA and indeed Government must investigate this matter further and keep the nation assured of high quality carriers from international airline carriers sent to Zambia.

Recently and it is reported that an Emirates carrier had an Engine failure and had to make an emergency return and landing in Lusaka. This week, it is report that A British Airways carrier from Lusaka made an emergency landing in Uganda.

ZACCI states that it is incumbent upon our civil aviation experts to obtain reports from the respective airlines on the numerous incidents with respective to the aircraft involved in the incidents as well as the quality of aircrafts being sent to Zambia and further feedback to the nation taking into consideration that the carriers are taking off from Lusaka. Further, we must set standards on the quality of aircraft we’ll accept to land in Zambia in this case. A time of accepting ‘second or third hand’ items for Zambia is over. We must demand quality and not Press Statements.

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