Sata sends soldiers in helicopters to get photos of HH’s farms, as state enter a nolle

Sata sends soldiers in helicopters to get photos of HH’s farms, as state enter a nolle



Ailing dictator Michael Sata Tuesday afternoon again abused state resources when he ordered Zambia Air Force (ZAF) soldiers to hover around in choppers and take aerial photos of opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s farms in various parts of the country.And disgraced Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito the same day entered another nolle prosequi in a case in which Hichilema was charged with proposing violence during the Livingstone by-election that saw PF cadres led by Obvious Mwaliteta murder one of their colleagues, Henry Chanda.

One of the farms that was particularly targeted is Mr. Hichilema’s Choma farm where residents in the area were shocked to see ZAF choppers hoover very low above with some security officials in the air and ground getting photos of the property.

It was not immediately clear what Mr. Sata is concocting this time around against the vocal opposition leader who recently ‘recalled’ him from malingering abroad in London.

Intelligence sources and information incepted by the Watchdog indicate that Mr. Sata is so pissed off with Mr. Hichilema that a number of harmful and subversive activities against the opposition leader have been planned after the failed police and court cases.

Sources revealed that the state security operation includes poisoning animals in Mr. Hichilema’s farms through water systems, planting items such as guns and implicate him in treasonable charges, among others.

“The evil plans to harm the UPND leader are well advanced. So never be surprised what comes next. Getting photos of all the properties owned by the UPND leader especially farms like was the case today in Choma is just one of the many activities that will result in something big to completely cripple Mr. Hichilema,” intelligence sources have revealed to the Watchdog.

According to state security sources, president Sata is not happy with the intelligence reports indicating that Mr. Hichilema and the UPND have taken the country by storm despite the negative propaganda reports that have been mounted by Fred Mmembe’s Post newspaper.

Meanwhile, after failing to concoct evidence, DPP Mutembo Nchito shamelessly wrote a letter to the Livingstone Magistrate court withdrawing the case against Mr. Hichilema in which he was charged with proposing violence on a private radio station.

When the matter came up for hearing this morning, Magistrate Chikashi Chilingala informed the court that the court has received instructions from DPP’s office to discontinue the case through the normally abused nolle proseque pursuant to section 87 of the criminal procedure code.

In February last year, the UPND leader together with other senior party officials were arrested in the heavily contested Livingstone by-election that saw PF cadres led by Obvious Mwaliteta (the Southern Province Minister) murder two of their colleagues and later claimed they were killed by UPND members

Among those that were locked-up were Kaloma MP Request Muntanga, Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo, who was framed for murder charges an offence that is none bailable and carries a death sentence.

After the discharge, Mr. Hichilema addressed a huge rally in Livingstone where told people to soldier on despite the trubulations they were going through under the brutal PF regime.

He said he will never stop reminding Mr. Sata and his government over the failed PF promises and that political intergrity especially at his age, was very important for future generations.

Mr. Hichilema told Livingstone residents and the country that the cost of living was now more expensive and things were still going worse under the PF.

“They removed maize and fuel subsidies so that you can buy mealie meal at K100 and fail to move due to increased transport costs. These are things we shall reverse immediately we come into power. And no amount of propaganda and diverting attention will derail us from demanding for a people driven constitution,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema told the crowd that some media houses were now selling papers based on twisting facts by dwelling on things he never says during press briefings.

He reiterated that at no time did he say Mr. Sata was sick and had gone to India as some media are portraying it, adding that he genuinely wishes Mr. Sata well till 2016 and beyond so that he defeats him in elections and show how a better Zambia can be run as a united country with its proud people regardless of their races, tribes, religion etc.
The UPND leader said the arrests he was going through will never deter him, though they were a financial drain and time wasting on his party’s mobilisation strategy.

“I was supposed to be in Katuba constituency today where we want to teach the PF another lesson that telling lies is a sin. They promised to print ballot papers within Zambia, but even as I am speaking, they are off-loading ballot papers from overseas in UK, where just recalled Mr. Sata from loitering,” HH told the cheering crowd.

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