Zaf Commander Chinese wants to be Zambia airways boss

Zaf Commander Chinese wants to be Zambia airways boss

Zambia’s most corrupt soldier Erick Chimese has asked his commander in corruption Edgar Lungu to retire him then make him Chief Executive Officer of the ill-fated Zambia Airways.

Chimese is the current Commander if Zaf, a  military wing that has lost its glory under this thief who has politicised the once respected airforce.

Chimese hopes that by leaving Zaf now before Lungu is removed from power and hiding in the corporate world, the corruption he has committed at Zaf will be forgotten.

The PF regime is wasting billions of money trying to revive the loss making Zambian Airways using Ethiopian Airways.

Chimese is one of the most corrupt persons in Zambia who has amassed massive wealth within the past 6 years. He has built mansions, flats and lodges all over the same period from stolen public funds.

He is stealing public funds with impunity and this has impacted negatively on the welfare of ZAF soldiers.

Morale in ZAF is at an all-time low. This can be seen from the number of soldiers who are resigning in record numbers under his watch as a result of his corruption.

To prepare himself for the position at Zambia Airways, Chimese has enrolled for a course in Aviation Management in France.

The programme is paid for tax payers and he goes into residential in Paris from time to time.

In his speech during the commissioning parade in November last year, he intimated to Edgar Lungu that ZAF pilots and technical personnel are ideally placed to run the airline as they are already on government payroll and would not be drawing any pay from the airline in the guise of saving costs.

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