ZAF commander tells soldiers to vote for PF

Zambia Airforce  Commander Eric Chimese Campaigning for PF at ZAF Bases

Lt.Gen Eric Chimese, a PF cadre and close ally of President Lungu has embarked on a country wide tour of ZAF bases to campaign for the PF. Eric was in Mumbwa yesterday where he implored his charges to vote for Edar Lungu and PF candidates in the 11 August general election.

Today 13th July, Eric was addressing ZAF employee at City Airport where he reiterated the need for ZAF employees to vote for PF. He boosted of massive infrastructure development and a robust economy. Officers were head mumbling that the economy has only grown in Chimese’s pocket.

Eric Chimese is expected tomorrow at the Twin Palm base where he will again try to deceive his officers and try to cajole them into voting for PF. He will then proceed to Livingstone and Mbala. The partisan stance Eric has taken has eroded the stature of a once vibrant and proud Air Force where Officers walked with their heads high to a laughing stalk of the defense forces. There is one thing Eric forgets, two of his immediate predecessors have been convicted. Time will tell.

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