ZAF grounds GBM’ s campaign helicopters

ZAF grounds GBM’ s campaign helicopters

The politically compromised Zambia Airforce (ZAF) has cancelled UPND presidential running mate Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) ‘s flight permits in Luapula province.

ZAF which is run by PF cadres instead of professional soldiers says it has decided to cancel GBM’s flight permits because outgoing president Edgar Lungu will be campaigning in the same province from tomorrow.

But why ground other planes in a massive province like Luapula when Lungu just uses one old, Chinese Helicopter? Does it mean that the airspace or airstrips in Luapula can not accommodate more than one chopper at a time? If this is true then ZAF is really a useless military wing which is unable to manage the Zambian airspace.

If Luapula province can only accommodate one helicopter at a time, what would happen if Congo invaded Zambia with dozens of of fighter jets from Luapula?image

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