ZAF rigging chopper crash lands


A ZAF chopper being used for rigging the presidential by-election in favour of PF candidate Edgar Lungu has crashedlanded in Northern Zambia.

The chopper carrying presidential ballot papers developed a mechanical fault in Mporokoso Saturday afternoon shortly after taking off.

Some ZAF personnel are reported to be off-loading the pre-marked ballot papers and hiding them for fear of their evil scheme being detected.

According to information reaching the Watch Dog, the pilot and the crew on board survived the crash though others are in shock.

PF has launched a vicious rigging plan at Mbala ZAF airbase to ensure Lungu wins the polls at all cost even when intelligence reports indicate that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is likely to win.

Meanwhile, UPND has strongly warned those involved in the acts of rigging that they will charged with treason once a new government is formed.

The opposition party is advising military personnel and other government workers to resist being used in the evil act of tampering with the will of the people through illegal means.

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