ZAF secretly recruits PF cadres as officers

ZAF secretly recruits PF cadres as officers

Last month, Zambia Air Force (ZAF) conducted an illegal recruitment drive which occurred at lightning pace. The corrupt and stinkingly rich ZAF commander, Eric Chimese personally took charge of this covert operation.

In unprecedented levels of bootlicking, he went knocking at Ministers’ doors and other prominent PF cadres requesting them to submit names of their children, dependants and concubines to join ZAF as officers. As we speak, this bunch is undergoing illegal military training in Livingstone. We say illegal, because the recruitment procedure was not followed. The Defence Act, CAP 106 outlines the procedure of how Officers ought to be recruited. This is done by constituting an Officer Selection Board (OSB). ZAF (including ARMY and ZNS) must advertise publicly to enable all Zambian from ten province a chance to try it out. Under PF, everything is rotten to the core.

We challenge Lungu or Chimese to deny if there is no training of officers in Livingstone right now. In fact, Livingstone residents can attest to this fact as they can hear the noise of these boys and girls running in the city streets early morning.

By commissioning these people when they conclude their military training, President Lungu will be committing an illegality. CAP 106 is very clear and it states:
“No person shall be granted a commission in the Defence Force unless he has been recommended by a selection board which shall be established for this purpose by the President”
As things stand, an OSB was never constituted. This operation was only kept to Chimese’s inner circle.

Many ZAF personnel we have interviewed have confirmed, they never knew anything until they saw young men and women coming for medical examinations at ZAF Headquarters in Longacres.

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