ZAF Soldier shoots dead Lusaka female student

ZAF Soldier shoots dead Lusaka female  student





10420002_798503543513586_4994722216074793386_nA Zambia Air force (ZAF) soldier last Saturday shot dead a young lady under unclear circumstances at Twin Palm.

The young lady identified as Dorcas Chibwe (20 years old)  was shot dead by Corporal S Walenga.

Sources say there is a huge cover-up going on and the killer might not get the punishment he deserves.

One person close to the case told the Watchdog that the victim was with an unidentified gentleman in a vehicle when the man and the soldier got involved in some argument.

‘It seems there was a scuffle between the sentry and the gentleman who was driving the car. The girl was seated in the passenger’s seat,’ explained the source.

‘The argument escalated, and the sentry wanted to shoot the tires of the vehicle. It’s either the bullet ricocheted or the weapon was not properly calibrated that it went straight and hit Dorcas in the head, killing her instantly,’ the source said.

Dorcas was a student at University of Lusaka. She was studying Banking and Finance and was staying in Chelstone, somewhere near Chris Mall.

Another source close to the deceased said she was with two male friends and were going into the Twin Palm Housing complex, the guys are officers there. ‘As they were driving in, they almost hit a car that was in front of them because they were driving fast.’

The source said ‘so they were stopped at the gate and called the driver out, to be punished for disobeying the rules. Then the guys decided to take her at the house so they could come back and take up their punishment.’

The source said ‘so as they drove off into the complex, the officer on duty fired and that’s how the bullet reached her and passed through her neck and mouth.’

‘When that happened, the guy who was driving, turned back to show the officer what he had done. ‘Apparently she died from severe bleeding because it’s said that the bullet did not touch the spine but just the jaw,and the bullet did not remain in her body but it went and out and hit the wind screen.

‘But then they kept arguing about it in confusion leaving her to her bleeding. This matter was reported to woodlands police. the incident took place around 18 hours,’ the source said.

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