ZAF spends K8 million ferrying PF musicians

ZAF spends K8 million ferrying PF musicians

While Zambian students in Russia, Ukraine and University of Zambia (UNZA) are languishing due to the failure by the government to pay them Meal allowances, the Zambia Airforce (ZAF) has spent over K8 million on operation costs to transport Patriotic Front Musicians around the country.

According to Military Intelligence sources, ZAF has spent that money from the month of May 2016, to date. The source said the money was spent on pre flight tests, staff allowances and fuel among other items.

“That Helicopter the musicians are being flown in is a Russian Copter and it consumes alot of fuel. It also has Russian Crew members that are teaching Zambian Staff so allowances for both Zambian staff and expatriates and fuel plus pre flight tests, the amount comes to over K8 million’, the source said.

According to calculations, the amount of money can pay meal allowances for more than 9000 UNZA students who are paid K800 per person. It can also construct eight (8) 1×3 Classroom blocks bearing in mind that one classroom block costs K1 million. The PF has been transporting drug abusers masquerading as Musicians such as Dandy Crazy and Jk to its rallies to woo crowds. It has also been transporting prostitutes who pretend to be female musicians.

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