ZAF will only recruit less than 400 out of 73, 000 applicants

LESS than 400 out of the 73,000 applicants will be recruited into the Zambia Air Force training expected to commence next month.

And you can bet your life that these 400 are relatives, friends of friends and girlfriends of ministers and commanders.

In an interview during the Zambia Air Force open day at City Airport to showcase its operations to members of the public, commander General Eric Chimese said ZAF was trying to recruit the best applicants.

“Out of 73,000 applicants, we intend to get very few, less than 400,” Gen Chimese said.

“Now everyone knows about the Air Force. This (open day) is part of advertising. We want to get the best of the best. When the population was small, it was easy to find jobs. Now we are quite a number and obviously, everyone wants to join the service. We are a good service definitely.”

He explained that there was a lot of competition for jobs.

“In any country, a developing country, the number one employer is the public service; unless you industrialise so much, then probably the private sector will become the number one employer. But as long as we remain where we are, as we are growing, everyone would want to work for government, including yourself,” Gen Chimese said.
He said the open day offered the public an opportunity to ask questions about the force.

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