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*Timeline of ZAFFICO SAGA*


(Hope and Dora, which school of Journalism did you go to?)

Get your facts right before you open your mouth.

Read this:
5th April 2017

Jean Kapata, lands & natural resources minister told parliament that 1,503 housing units would be sold to sitting tenants in Ichimpe, Chati and Kafubu ZAFFICO stations in Kalulushi and Kitwe.
Reported in Times of Zambia on 6th April 2017

*21 September 2017*
Report of the Parliamentary Committee on Parastatal Bodies on the Management and operations of the IDC- informed that the IDC would list ZAFFICO on the LUSE to raise new capital etc
See point #7.8.9 of this report

*Februay 2018*

President lungu during launch of the new pole treatment plant assures workers that ZAFFICO won’t be sold but the workers compensation will inject in money if need arises.

*Question* : why has Dora and Lungu changed and going against their own words.

*August 2018*
Non Ferrous Mining Company Africa, NFCA, a Chinese mining company buys 612 ZAFFICO houses for sitting tenants from GRZ at $270,000.
Mulenga Kampamba, Kalulushi MP, announced this in Chambishi at ceremony where ECL commissioned $529million South East Ore Body project for NFCA
Reported in Daily nation on August 23rd 2018

*28 September 2018*
Magerate Mwanakatwe Finance Minister, announced during her budget presentation that ZAFFICO will be listed on the Lusaka Securities Exchange in 2019.

*31 October 2018*

William Bwalya ZAFFICO mills association president expresses his displeasure over the pending listing of ZAFFICO shares on LUSE against earlier position as promised by ECL. ZAFFICO is not under any financial distress.

So the question is why is the govt rushing to sell it.

(Mast Newspapers, 3/11/2018)

*2 November 2018*

Timber traders fight running battles with police in lufwanyama and Kalulushi by the assocuation members.

(Mast Newspapers, 3/11/2018).

*2 November 2018.*

Dora tweets and advises that protesting based on the rumours should stop and wait for Govt position and advises that jean will issue a statement that has never been issued to date.

(Dora Twitter handle- 02/11/2018, 11:11am)

*2 November 2018*

@ 11:34 people following Doras Tweeter handle start responding and mocking her that the govt will acuse HH for this, and they exactly do fews later via copperbelt deputy

(Dora Tweeter handle, 2/11/2018)

*3- November 2018*

ZAFFICO workers protest possible Chinese takeover, planned listing on stock market

*5 November 2018*

By 8am kitwe residents particularly the beneficiaries of ZAFFICO timber of kawama, chimwemwe, buchi and kwacha fight running battles with police in kitwe.

HH only speaks to Sun FM starting at 11am.

*6 November 2018*
– Civil Servant Amos Chanda, press aide at State House, orders police to storm radio stations to stop provocative interviews
– Japhen Mwakalombe, Copperbelt Province Minister accuses HH for inciting the Kitwe riots
During interview on Hot FM Breakfast show,

*7 November 2018*
Dora Siliya offers to resign if HH can prove within 7 days that ZAFFICO has been sold

*8 November 2018*
– Speaker, Matibini asks Vice President to appoint a Minister who will issue a Ministerial statement over riots which happened in Kitwe on Monday 5th November
Reported on ZNBC
– Bowman Lusambo, Lusaka minister offers his resignation if HH can prove ZAFFICO has been sold. Reported on ZNBC

*9 November 2018*
– Kitwe Police question Sawmillers Association president William Bwalya, in connection with the ZAFFICO riots
Reported in Diggers News

– Zambia Police issue call out for HH to report a Copperbelt Police station on Wednesday 14 November

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