Zambeef: a victim of well planned, extremely centralised attack

By Nyalubinge Ngwende (Brutal Journal)
Playing on the stupidity of a regular man who cannot know that aromatic chemicals are used in most processed foods, the communists at Bwinjimfumu Road have found it appropriate to help their friends to pronounce Zambeef as a company that deliberately uses leukemia causing,  dead bodies embalming chemicals to keep its meat fresh for long at the expense of people’s health

The communists at Bwinjimfumu Road have succeeded to get us right into the frame of mind they desire: to join a crusade to believe that Zambeef has been feeding us on a dangerous chemical that is not only used to embalm dead bodies, but potentially dangerous to human health.

The Post Newspaper story of Friday 21, 2013 writes:
“According to the analysis by the Ministry of Health’s Food and Drugs Control Laboratory conducted in Lusaka last week, aromatic aldehyde was detected in all the samples. The analysed samples included packed ox-tail marked CNN/001/F/2013, packed ox-tail marked CNN/002/F/2013, packed ox-tail marked CNN/003/F/2013, packed ox-tail marked CNN/004/F/2013, packed ox-liver marked CNN/005/F/2013, packed ox-liver marked CNN/006/F/2013, packed ox-hooves marked CNN/007/F/2013 and packed ox-hooves marked CNN/008/F/2013. Health experts told The Post yesterday that aromatic aldehydes, which they compared to Benzene or jet fuel, are powerful preservative chemicals that are dangerous for human beings as they cause diseases such as Leukaemia.”
This paragraph does not tell us where the samples were collected and if they were collected to help Zambeef be aware that there suppliers were delivering them products that have a dangerous chemical.
All it does is to make us believe they have real Zambeef products in their hands which are intoxicated with strong, benzene like chemicals (that can even fly a jet).
If those who are investigating this case were in anyway doing it independently without detailed instructions at the back of their mind, what the public would have been informed about is their intervention at Zambeef to ensure the meat they supply to the public is safe from unpalatable amounts of aromatic aldehyde. They would have told the public that any excess aromatic aldehyde could lead to cancer such as leukaemia. But there is extreme sourness in the content accusing Zambeef of deliberately injecting the chemical in the meat.
The story quotes a source: “For example, if someone dies here in Zambia and they come from the UK, in order for the body to reach the UK fresh, we inject the aromatic aldehydes in the veins. So it is clear that they use it to keep their beef fresh for a very long time,” the health experts who opted to remain anonymous said.
It further states: “Aromatic aldehydes are very dangerous chemicals and it is unfortunate that Zambeef is actually using that chemical to keep their beef fresh. It is common knowledge that the only reason Zambeef is using that chemical is because they want to keep their products fresh.” They said the presence of large quantities of aromatic aldehyde in the beef Zambeef Plc imports would be a clear indication that the substance was deliberately put there to keep their beef fresh.
This is deliberate aim to cause disturbance in the minds of members of the public.  By choosing a highly toned language saying aromatic chemical is used for embalming bodies is not in any way meant to inform but to alarm—a well calculated choice of discourse …dead bodies conjure a lot of ghostly feeling in the mind of a human being and those living do not want to be associated with lifeless things …therefore Zambeef products will be shunned.
There is every reason to believe that The Post Newspaper was used to deliver a dirty parcel bomb to blow up Zambeef, after well packaged at the Ministry of Health’s FDCL (Food and Drugs Control Laboratory) and CCPC (Competition and Consumer Protection Commission).
These public institutions, joined by CUTS international (Consumer Unit Trust Society International), were particularly selected as sources because they are already known to be part of the scheme and had rehearsed what to say—force as truth on the minds of the public a theory of aromatic aldehydes being used in Zambeef meat.
The communists at Bwinjimfumu they are part of this group that is why they pronounced it. They know delivering the pronouncement with all these institutions in consent will help to lull people into false security. First they make us feel insecure by portraying Zambeef as a villain, then bring into the picture FDCL and CCPC as greatly concerned …serious with protecting the public from dangerous meat that Zambeef is putting on their plates. It triggers public outrage against Zambeef. In whatever manner the meat firm will try to prove that aromatic aldehyde is not poisonous, the sales of its imported meat would already have been severely hurt.
It is not surprising that Saturday’s Post Newspaper edition (June 22, 2013), carries a story of Zambeef pulling imported meat off the shelves.
Zambeef public relations officer Justo Kopulande said yesterday: “In the light of recent media reports to the effect that there are dangerous levels of Aromatic Aldehydes in our imported beef products, we have immediately recalled all imported beef products from sale from all our outlets country-wide with immediate effect. Only local beef and beef products are currently being sold in all our outlets. Zambeef has never and will under no circumstance ever knowingly supply sub-standard products to the public.”
But this is not what the whole clandestine campaign is all about. We cannot tell as for now where all this is coming from and how far it has to go. We just look back at how The Post Newspaper has been hinting, in a more cantankerous manner, about opposition leaders UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema and NAREP Elias Chipimo Jnr. thinking they have a lot of money that they can run political parties out of their pockets.
These opposition leaders, or others in the political circles, could have direct links to Zambeef as shareholders or they could be suppliers or, maybe, some of their financiers could be linked to Zambeef.
The other way round is that the communists at Bwinjimfumu could be doing this to soften Zambeef to help out their declared friend, Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front to gain access to the meat company’s opportunities. We have heard that the newspaper will not do anything unless it has to serve its interests. Its interests now are to make the Patriotic Front achieve its ends, regardless the means.
Zambia has a lot of consumer risk products, some that are even more dangerous than the aromatic aldehyde chemical suspected to have been introduced in high dosages by the country’s meat company to keep its imported meat fresh for a long time.
However, the FDCL and CCPC look to have been on a well detailed mission, planned, centralised and extremely organised battle against Zambeef.
“We received correspondence from the provincial medical office in the Copperbelt in which they are talking about this matter. One of the inspectors took the samples to Food and Drug Control laboratory and they informed us about the meeting yesterday Tuesday,” said Brian Lingela, CCPC director.
It has never been a practice by health inspectors to work with CCPC. When they bump into meat or any food product that is unwholesome, they do their own report and take it to court for disposal.
The idea to leave out the Veterinary authorities at Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and Zambia Bureau of Standards who also have a direct hand on these issues confirms a calculated battle, with CCPC and FDLC being the battle rooms where they are launching the public bombardment campaign against Zambeef.
Lingela says: “the provincial office in the Copperbelt also requested the commission to attend a meeting that took place in Ndola yesterday.  …and his office had since sent a representative to attend the meeting in Ndola …with the commission was hoping to hear the matter and also find a solution”.
If Lengela was still waiting for information from his officer who attended the meeting at Ndola medical office, why did he choose to pass a strong verdict indicting Zambeef as guilty?
He is quoted in the same story saying: “What Zambeef has done is unacceptable…”
This is not the normal language of an independent mind on a case like this. He comes out incriminating Zambeef before hearing the conclusion of the Ndola meeting? Sounds like he was well informed ahead of the meeting what was expected to be their conclusion
This is confirmed by the way Lingela sets loose his hounds for a vicious attack on Zambeef by saying, “…and what health inspectors have done is a commendable job which needs support from consumer organizations.”
He deliberately sets the hounds on Zambeef so to strengthen their case.
The Post Newspaper tried to recruit the Lusaka City Council into strengthening its case against Zambeef. It was done in futility, but the public health director Greenford Sikazwe at the local authority distanced himself from the kill.
“It is not true that Lusaka City Council inspectors are the ones who were investigating this issue, so your story is not true,” Sikazwe said.
The Post uses its own sources within Lusaka City Council who confirmed that “it is true the samples in question were not sourced by the local authority but by a council from the Copperbelt and that all at Lusaka City Council were aware of the results from the samples”.
We find this truly unusual way of working by public health inspector in councils and at the ministry of health. They hardly collaborate and share this information. They act independently and without any volition of the specific business to target. It could be happening under the Patriotic Front, but without any public announcement of this new policy of collaboration exposes sourness in the whole ‘scum’.
Asked if his department has ever received complaints relating to Zambeef products, Sikazwe answered in the affirmative. “We received complaints (in May 2013) but the issues were being dealt with at Ministry of Health,” he said. Asked why they could not carry out an independent investigation on the products as a department, Sikazwe said his department works on delegated legislation from the Ministry of Health. “That’s why we couldn’t act there and then because it was being addressed by the Ministry of Health,” said Sikazwe.
If it is not Bwinjimfumu and its friends who after getting at Zambeef, who else could have delegated them and those who took the complaint to city councils in Lusaka and the Copperbelt? We are yet to know who did, and the country is already questioning?
We know that a normal public health concern does not take a vicious attack by mobilised group of watchdogs a rehearsed consent on an issue like setting awash the Zambeef products with unpalatable statements like ‘leukaemia  and embalming dead bodies’.
The Post Newspaper story is nothing but a pronouncement by those who are part of the group bent at pulling down Zambeef or softening it to go crawling to the palace and conform to their needs. It was planned and Zambeef could only be a victim of ill intentions not necessarily that it is guilty of gross negligence.




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