Zambeef burns imported offals, no more imports

Zambeef PLC has stopped importing beef products with immediate effect.

And Zambeef has burnt and destroyed all imported meat products that were recently withdrawn from its outlets because they were contaminated.

Zambeef Board Chairperson Jacob Mwanza has announced during a ceremony at the Huntley farm in Chisamba that the firm will now only deal with locally produced meat products.

And Zambia National Farmers Union president Jervis Zimba has commended Zambeef for taking a bold step to destroy the contaminated meat products.

Mr. Zimba has urged consumers to trust the company by putting the events of the past weeks behind.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health Spokesperson Kamoto Mbewe has urged Zambeef to adhere to Public Health regulations.

Dr Mbewe says the action against the firm should NOT be viewed as persecution.

And Zambeef Chief Executive Officer Francis Grogan has assured consumers of safe meet products.

Officers from Chibombo District Council and the Zambia Environmental Management Agency witnessed the destruction of the imported beef products.

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