Zambeef robbing Namwala farmers

Dear editor,
Please hide my identity and help me post this on your professional platform.

If Zambeef is truly pro poor as it claims to be, let the Government and any other interested organization investigate the way Zambeef is buying cattle from Cattle farmers at its NAMWALA ABATTOIR in Southern Province. For example, a farmer will take one cow to their abattoir and Zambeef will kill the animal and remove all the four legs up to the knee level, head, skin and internal organs.

Then Zambeef will weigh only the remaining part of the animal and then pay the farmer from that only. The questions of the at most importance at this time are; Where is Zambeef taking the animal skin? Doesn’t Zambeef sale the skins or throw them? Don’t we buy ifimbombo (legs) from their outlets throughout the Country? Don’t we buy the internal organs such as liver, kidneys etc.? Don’t we buy the tongue and other parts found on the head part from Zambeef outlets throughout the Country?

All these parts Zambeef just get them from farmers without weighing and paying them, Is this not robbing or theft in the daylight? What is Ministry of Livestock doing about it? Or are they equally beneficiaries from the theft? Government institutions please do something about this robbery that has been in existence for many years. Farmers have to benefit from their products than this theft that has made Zambeef very rich within a short period of time.

For more information on this theft, let anyone go to Namwala Abattoir and find out for themselves and furthermore see more other scandals such as how the so called inspectors are corrupting farmers by making them pay huge sums of money just to have their animals pass the so called Health Inspection. Moreover, sometimes the animals are not even sick but because most of these farmers are not educated, they are easily duped by these merciless individuals.

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