Zambeef scare meant to divert attention from problems in the country

Dear Editor,
GH Nachis are my names. Allow me throw my tantrums over the happening as they relate to Zambeef.
One newspaper seems to have been blowing a storm in a cup. On a second thought the Zambeef story has been coined to divert the minds of Zambians
from the following current issues and it seems working;
1.         Escalating number of by-election
2.         Rising prices of mealie meal,fuel and the constant flow price of maize to be bought by FRA

3.         PF cadre violence across the country
4.         Use of excessive force by armed wings (Kampasa & Ndola
5          . Rising number of accidents and deaths as a result of.
6.         Abuse of the public order act resulting in the suppression of
the right to assembly
7.         Accommodation blues at our 2 main vasities
8.         The constitution
9.         The list of these is endless.

These happenings or public reactions to these have been unprecedented in the last few

Truly some newspaper has managed to bad mouth Zambeef and has managed
indeed to divert the minds of the myopic, the diluted in mind, the disillusioned from these real issues to allegations. Come on guys if u are aggrievedly Zambeef its not time to begin posting complaints of social media.
Its time for you to grow some balls or have the guts to go to court and prove that you have been injured as a result of consuming Zambeef products.
Your are a free citizen, there are laws and a judicial system to complain to and be

Moreover you have a choice to switch to other sellers of beef you have a
choice to substitute.

Think laterally and do your research! Go to court and prove and be compensated!
Is it because one prominent opposition leader was erroneously associated with this firm?
GH Nachis.


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