Zambia’s Muslims Leader Threatens Registrar of Societies

President of the de-registered Executive of the Islamic Council of Zambia, Rashid Phiri, has threatened to cut the nose of the Registrar of Societies for allegedly meddling in Islamic Affairs.
Mr. Phiri told a news Conference at Lusaka’s Matero Mosque over the weekend that his people will not abide by the Registrar’s direction for Muslims to hold elections by the end of this month.The threats show the bickering between the two opposing factions in the Islamic community, one led by Mr. Phiri and the other by leader a Mr. Mufti Sheikh Assadula Mwale.
According to Muvi TV, Sheikh Mwale is the only Government recognized leader of Muslims in Zambia as contained by the Registrar of Societies’ letter to him dated 11 October, 2010.
These factions have been formed in the wake of the de-registration of the Islamic Council of Zambia by the Registrar of Societies last year.
Government de-registered the council after Mr. Phiri failed to hold democratic elections as contained in its constitution.
Muvi TV

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