‘Zambia about to deport 2 detained Banyamulenge refugees’

‘Zambia about to deport 2 detained Banyamulenge refugees’

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am Solomon Gasana. I am a human right advocate based in North Carolina USA. In September 2012, I wrote you about the two Banyamulenge detained
illegally in Lusaka for 11 months now without trials and conviction.

Last month they were on hunger strike and became very week. The immigration office of Zambia visited them and told them to get ready to be deported.
According to my informant they have already undergone orientation for deportation and will be deported soon.
They are being deported despite they wrote to the Zambia High Commission for Refugee and to the Minister of Home Affairs pleading to be released
and return to refugee camp. They stated in these letters (see attached) that they fear for their safety once they get deported to Easten DR Congo
(Kivu), an area with widespread insecurity.

But apparently their pleas have never been heard. In my first massage I used their middle names as last names (sorry for mistake). But in these letters they used their last names Patrick Bagabo and Didier Irakiza.

The letters have no dates but I believe they were written in September 2012 the month I received them because there is a mention of 10 months in detention. So, counting from the first date of their detention on November 17, 2012, 10 months in
detention is September 2012.
Can somebody hear their cries? If they are deported and die in Congo, we will help [hold] the government of Zambia responsible for their lives.

Solomon Gasana
Abundant Life Executive Director
416 S.Camellia Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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