Zambia accused of hiding evidence of killing of Rwanda, Burundi presidents

Zambia accused of hiding evidence of killing of Rwanda, Burundi presidents


Juvénal Habyarimana: killed in plane

With Congo now becoming unstable and allegations that Rwanda is sponsoring rebels operating on the border with Uganda, a Reverend Christopher Mtikila of Liberty International Foundation claims that Zambia has evidence of the firing by Rwandan Patriotic Front soldiers under Paul Kagame’s orders of the missiles that downed Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane killing him and Burundi President Cyprien Ntaryamira.

Kagame meets Museveni to ask for rebel bases?

The evidence on DVDs and a flash drive is vital for the prosecution of Paul Kagame and extremist Tutsi accomplices for the assassination of the Presidents and the extermination of more than 6,000,000 Hutus. There are allegations that large sums of money were paid for the cover-up by Zambian Intelligence.

The Rwanda online Inyenyeri News says Dr Kagame was recently in Uganda to beg President Yoweri Museveni to allow his (M23) rebels fighting in the Congo to cross over and hide in Uganda while the UN and the Congolese government investigate Kagame’s actions in Eastern Congo.

Reverend Mtikila’s document dated 15th February 2012, addressed to Zambian President Michael Sata and copied to the UN and other heads of states, has landed in our inbox, and we present it below, without prejudice.

Your Excellency (President Sata)

Untold torture of Rwandese politician Hakiza Paulin and seizure by Zambia Government of his DVD’s, flash disc with evidence of kthe killing of Presidents Habyarimana or Rwanda and Ntaryamira of Burundi by Paul Kagame.

The above named Rwandan Hutu politician, who is heading the Democratic Union for Liberation of Rwanda (DULR) was arrested on 06 July 2010 and very heavily beaten at Luangwa Boma, as he entered Zambia from Zimbabwe.

This was after a thorough search on him by the Immigration officers, who found him with 3 DVDs and one flash disc, which contained the live pictures of the firing of the missiles which hit the plane carrying Presidents Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi by the RPF soldiers, commanded by dictator Paul Kagame, with documents with the sort of so sensitive information. They carefully watched the confession by the RPF Abdul Ruzibiza, that they were horrified by Paul Kagame’s order and pleaded with him not to kill the Presidents, but the dictator brutally forced them to SHOOT the plane, lest they die!

The Immigration together with Police and intelligence officers viewed and copied the DVDs and flash disc and read the documents, before carefully packing and consigning them to Lusaka, where the victim was taken to on 08 July 2010 after three days of total starvation and terrible beating by special barbarians, who your Government officers had deliberately delivered him to.

At Lusaka the politician was received by the Immigration boss namely Mr Chavula and his deputy called Mr. Balubita, together with the chief of the Presidential Security Guard at ARM Barracks, where the victim was later taken to. The Chief of the Barracks blamed the officers for delaying the victim as he was heading for the airport for the arrival of the Malaysian President on state visit to Zambia, so he assigned his assistant to deal with the Rwandese politician, who had been awaited with the DVDs and flash disc, which had been reported to the highest authorities by the Luangwa Boma officers.

The delegated Presidential security officer and his colleagues played the DVDs and then opened the flash disc also. After watching the RPF missiles hit the plane carrying President Habyarimana, the Zambian Presidential security officers charged at the anti-Kagame Hutu political dissident saying, “Do you want to overthrow President Kagame? Don’t you know that he is a friend of Zambia?

The officers went further to say that Kagame had offered them a Two million US dollar bribe, so President Chiluba ordered the operation by the Zambian Police Force, Immigration and State security departments, which rounded up the 82 prominent Hutu escapees from Kagame’s mass slaughter, including Akayesu, George Rutaganda etc and delivered them to Arusha ICTR, and that for another good offer they apprehended former Minister Nyiramasuuko and delivered him straight to Rwanda. So the Zambian Government officials demamnded also from the Rwandese Hutu politician a One million US dollars bribe for his dear life, which the victim could not avail.

Seeing that the victim truly did not have the money for them, the officials gave him their phone so that he could tell his family and relatives to send his captors the money they want in exchange for his life. Upon Mr. Hakiza Paulin’s failure to pay for his life, the security officials had him stripped naked and heavily beaten before being taken to the Central Police Station, from where the victim was delivered to the notoriousKamwala Prison, where on 18 September 2010 at 21.00 hours he was handed to the special squad for murder and torture, which bound his legs and arms and gagged his mouth with dirty badly smelling socks, before operating on him.

The dehumanization led by the notorious ‘King David’ was so severe that all the prisoners cried at the horrifying beating of the politician, with his blood flowing from his mouth, ears, eyes, nostrils and all over the body as he lay half dead on the ground, being comfortably watched by the dreadful Kamwala Prison officer named David Bilukeni.

It was the sympathetic Prison officers of the shift which took over at daybreak which saw the victim lying subconscious on the pool of blood, as he could not rise up and rush out for the necessary count, who rushed him to the hospital three kilometers away in handcuffs. When he was brought back significantly attended to by the hospital, with doctors’ advice that the patient must report to Police the dehumanization,David Bilukeni grabbed the hospital file and threatened the victim with death if he dared leak was had been done to him.

The horrifying testimony about the notorious Kamwala Prison is that it is a rich goldmine of the Zambian Police, Immigration and intelligence officers, who round up foreigners from such countries as Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Egypt, Cameroun, Angola, China, Congo Brazzaville, Sudan etc who must pay the authorities 500 US dollars for release, or suffer untold atrocities which claim more than 5 lives each month.

Your Excellency, the Rwandan politician suffered the incarceration in Kamwala Prison until 12th June 2011, as Prisoner number 182/10 being among the 500 human beings sandwiched in the tiny Cell Number 2 of only 7 meters by 21 meters! But he was released without his very precious belongings, which are the three DVDs, the flash disc and his documents.

Your Excellency, we are writing to beseech you to see to the return to the Rwandan politician, Mr. Hakiza Paulin his three DVDs and flash disc, because the video evidence therein of the firing by the RPF soldiers under Paul Kagame’s orders of the missiles which hit President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane killing him along with President Cyprien Ntaryamira and all their delegations is extremely vital, as time has come for the necessary prosecution of dictator Paul Kagame and fellow extremist Tutsi accomplices for the assassination of the Heads of State and the extermination of more than 6,000,000 Hutus thereafter.

The video evidence confirms the finding by the honourable Judges Jean-Louis Bruguiere of France and Fernando Andreu Merelles of Spain, together with international lawyers John P. Zelbst, Professor Peter Erlinder and Kurt P. Kern of the District Court of Oklahoma, USA, that Paul Kagame ordered the shooting down of President Habyarimana’s plane, triggering the consequential holocaust. The video evidence shall further put to shame French President Nicholas Sarkozy for having offered to be used as toilet paper to cleanse the Tutsi genocidalist, Paul Kagame.

Your Excellency, in the video evidence one of the RPF soldiers who fired the deadly missiles, Abdul Ruzibiza who later escaped to Norway upon realizing Kagame’s moves which were afoot to eliminate him for destruction of the evidence, confesses that it was he together with Jean Pierre Mugabe, Alphonce Furuma, Aloys Ruyenzi and Jack Nzinza who fired the missiles which killed the Hutu Presidents together with their delegations, ordered by extremist Tutsi dictator Paul Kagame.

The said Zambian Government officials confiscated other belongings of the politician including documents with similar information, his original South African asylum papers, his Party manifesto, as well as his US dollars 785, so it will be appreciated if all of the properties of the politician shall be unconditionally returned to the owner.

Your Excellency, we thank you very much for your anticipated prompt action and maximum cooperation in the interest of justice for the politician and for the assassinated Heads of State, President Habyarimana of Rwanda and President Ntaryamira of Burundi and the exterminated millions of Hutus, by the extremist Tutsis who are also responsible for the brutal murder of the late President Melchior Ndadaye of Burundi and President Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Your Excellency, it is your known reverence of the sanctity of human life and dignity for which it is not only the people of Zambia who hold you in so high esteem and pray for you. We believe that Kamwala Prison will also be looked into.

Liberty International Foundation

Reverend Christopher Mtikila


Copy to:

H.E. B.K. Moon, Secretary General, UNO

H.E President Jacob Zuma, Republic of South Africa

H.E. Presdent Robert Mugabe, Republic of Zimbabwe

H.E. President Mwai Kibaki, Republic of Kenya

H.E. President Sassou Ngweso, Republic of Congo-Brazzaville

H.E. President Eduardo dos Santos, Republic of Angola

H.E. President Barack Obama, White House, Washingfton D.C. USA

H.E. Mr. Cameron, British Prime Minister

H.E. President Nicholas Sakorzy, France

The Representative, European Union

H.E. The Swedish Prime Minister

H.E. The Chancellor of Germany

H.E. The Canadian Prime Minister

His Highness Pope Benedicto, Vatican

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