Zambia Air force ‘training’ over Litunga’s palace

Zambia Air force ‘training’ over Litunga’s palace

Mongu residents in Western province are complaining of unusual and increased Zambia Air force activities in the region.

And rumours are rife in Western province that air security commanders of Zambia met in Mongu on Wednesday the 18 April 2012 where a plan to intimidate and incriminate some people of that area was hatched.

A source in the Linyungandambo said there is a plan to start arresting Lozi people who are advocating for independence of Barotseland but that the Zambian government first needs to create excuses.

The source said whatever it is that the Zambian government is planning to do will be implemented starting in the last week of April.

One source said security hoaxes will be created by the government but the police will move in and arrest innocent people and implicate them.

A number of people in Mongu have explained that every two days, a set of three supersonic fighter jets flies over Mongu just above the Litunga’s palace.

A member of the Linyungandabo put it this way, ‘since that day the, residents  of Mongu have seen and heard unusual low flying, second hand refurbished and totally obsolete Soviet built MiG-21 (Mikoyan-Gurevich) supersonic jet fighter aircraft’.

The source continues to state that; ‘because these aircraft are supersonic, the fact of flying at low level over the Royal Palace of His Majesty the Sovereign of Barotseland, in itself constitutes a defying act by the now semi-paranoid government of Lusaka.’

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