Zambia’s ambassador to Germany accused of dancing like an idiot

Zambia’s ambassador to Germany Johnston Fanwell Chizinga has been accused of spending most of his time including working hours drinking and dancing.

Some African diplomats accredited to Germany say Chizinga has embarrassed them on various occasions during official functions by dancing like an idiot.

The diplomats say Chizinga comes out of every official function drunk. He engages himself in demeaning dancing antics to the embarrassment of Africa diplomats and embassy staff, say diplomatic sources.

Chizinga, who represents Zambia in other countries like Turkey, was posted to Germany in February 2010. He replaced General Kingsley Chinkuli.

Chizinga is also accused of usually turning up for work clad in a T-shirt even when there are important guests to be attended to.

Chizinga a former middle management employee at Cavmont bank is a close relative of one of the senior private secretaries at State House. Chizinga has also worked at Zambia Venture Capital Fund (ZVCF) as General Manager.

Even at Cavmont, Chizinga was often in trouble due to his drinking problem. Embassy staff in Berlin who have served worthy envoys wonder how Chizinga could have passed the security scrutiny to be posted to Europe’s biggest economy.

When president Banda swore in Chizinga, he appeared to have been bothered by something. The president said to Chizinga:

“A lot of diplomats when they are leaving home they think they are going very far away and nobody will see what they are doing. I want to warn you as an old diplomat, myself, that both the local people there, your colleagues, your fellow diplomats not only in the Zambian embassy but your colleagues in the diplomatic corp of all countries will be with you, they will be watching what kind of ambassador we have brought there. I am satisfied myself that I am sending a well groomed, well educated, well experienced Zambian to represent us in a country which is so important to us in terms of relations.”


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