Zambia army secretly recruiting army officers

Some top civil servants, PF politicians and senior army officers are secretly carrying out a recruitment exercise of their relatives who will join the army as commissioned officers, the said officers will be trained in a named foreign country as opposed to the Military Establishment of Zambia (MILTEZ) located at Kohima barracks in Kabwe.

Under normal recruitment, candidates who have been shortlisted are supposed to appear before the Officers selection Board (OSB) but in this case the scheme is being headed by two army Generals Muke and Mulela based at Burma barracks and army headquarters respectively.

A source at army headquarters and close to army commander General Paul Mihova has revealed that bout twenty have been earmarked for training and are expected to leave in the first week of December though the number is expected to rise to about 40.

To make this illegality official, government intends to recruit some cadets and later allow these irregularly recruited ‘army officers’ pass out alongside their Zambian counterparts. Once employed, they are also going to be used as anti government elements should Edgar Lungu and PF lose elections next year but if Lungu wins then they will be working as spies in the army to track down the officers opposed to Lungu.

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