Zambia asks Malta to help evacuate nationals from Libya

The Zambian Government has formally asked the Republic of Malta to help evacuate Zambian stranded in Libya.

Zambia’s foreign Affairs minister Kabinga Pande announced Tuesday that 42 Zambians mostly diplomatic staff are stranded in Llibya.

Without an airline of its own, Zambia has now gone flat out to ask for lifts to rescue its citizens from the volatile country.

The Island of Malta, due to its geographical proximity to Libya, has become a centre of evacuation for most countries that have citizens in Libya.

Emergency aircrafts from UK, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam and, China have been landing in Malta to pick up its citizens.

But Zambia is not sending any plane but is asking Mmalta for help.

Malta’s prime minister Lawrence Gonzi told his parliament Wednesday evening that his office has received the request from Zambia.

According Wikipedia, Malta is a Southern European country and consists of an archipelago situated centrally in the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km east of Tunisia, with the Strait of Gibraltar 1,826 km to the west and Alexandria 1,510 km to the east.

Malta covers just over 300 km² in land area, making it one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries

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