Zambia bankrupt of sound policies – Milupi

Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) Leader Charles Milupi has charged that Zambia is not only financially bankrupt, but is also bankrupt of sound polices and plans to prosper it.

Milupi told Q news that this is because of the PF government’s inconsistent policies.

He says Zambia needs a strong and visionary leadership to deal with the current economic and political problems rocking the country.

Milupi says the country needs a leadership that can sit down and examine each sector critically and find solutions to each and every problem.

He says the only way Zambia can get out of its current economic malaise is by removing the PF from power in the 2016 general election.

Milupi states that the PF believes that by not admitting the true extent of how bad things are in the country; this will make Zambians think that their lives are getting better.

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