Zambia begs China to suspend debt repayments


The PF regime says It has in the past few months begged Chinese creditors to suspend payment of debt falling due from May 1 to Dec. 31, the ministry of finance said on Thursday.

Zambia has already asked, unsuccessfully, creditors to defer interest payments on three outstanding dollar-denominated bonds.

Zambia is advancing the corona virus pandemic as the reason for failing to service debt, hence the fake Covid 19 being churned out by the ministry of health.

“The Government intends to share the burden equitably across its official and commercial creditors,” minister of finance Bwalya Ngandu told anxious bondholders.

Main Chinese creditors include the Export Import Bank of China, China Development Bank, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and a few other commercial entities including the Bank of China, Bwalya said in a statement to bondholders.

Central government external debt service on Chinese loans amounts to approximately $426.3 million in 2020 and $428 million in 2021’, minister Bwalya said.

Assuming the debt service suspension requests made by the Zambia were all successful, the maximum amount of 2020 debt service suspended and rescheduled would be $225.3 million, he said.

He said Multilateral creditors would be called on to participate by way of fresh financing rather than debt relief.

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  • comment-avatar
    Getrude Bwalya 2 weeks ago

    sometimes ago, this year Lungu said China has scrapped all the nkongole, how come, now you are saying to give you break. kwena ba mwankole aba babufi sana.

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    Samlindo 2 weeks ago

    if a fish eats a fisherman’s bait, it will be mad of the fish to start negotiating for delayed removal from the river after eating the bait, in any case the fisherman would be mad to listen to the fish.