Zambia being governed by surrogate presidents

Zambia is a country that is being government by some surrogate presidents because the leader of the Patriotic Front (PF) Michael Sata has effectively surrendered his executive authority to some known characters who are making all the presidential decisions, a PF insider has charged.
The PF insider has revealed that the country is not being run by Mr Sata as most of the decisions are made outside State House by his Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Ntchito and some boss of a known newspaper and he (Mr Sata) is only instructed to announce decisions to the nation.
The source said Cabinet is deeply divided over the said surrogate presidents and that some cabinet ministers are extremely worried about the state of the nation but is still in government purely for the sake of political, economical and social stability of the country.
The PF source said Mr Sata is nothing but Zambia’s dummy president whose presidential authority is being exercised by those who believe are responsible for having removed the MMD from power.
The source said Mr Sata has been instructed never to call for a press conference or allow journalists to ask him questions because his surrogate bosses believe the man lacks coherence in his speeches and that he has been an embarrassment on many international fora.
“We do not have a president in Zambia because Mr Sata has surrendered his presidential authority to Mr Kabimba, the DPP Mutembo Ntchito and some newspaper boss. These people are effectively running the country as the president is the one getting instructions from them. There is nothing Mr Sata can do about this because these people believe they are the ones who managed to kick the MMD out of power,” the source said.
The source explained that Mr Sata has been made to believe that without the trio, he would never have made to the presidency and that is why he has rewarded them with jobs in critical areas in government.
President Sata has not shown that he is firmly in charge of government and has effectively failed to stabilize the government functionaries because of some unseen hand that has been pushing him behind the scenes.
The source stated that Mr Sata does not comprehend the governance of the country and that some of his decisions have had adverse effects on the polarity of his party.
The source contended that Mr Sata has been advised to stop frequent appearances to the public because the man fails to control his excitement each time he sees people and often he has said the wrong things both at home and at international assemblies.
“Our president easily gets excited each time he sees a group of people and many times he has said wrong things. So the people are governing him have advised him to cut his frequent appearances to the public and that is one of the reasons the man has been absent from the people,’ the source said.

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