Zambia blocks third website: Barotse Post

The Zambian government has to blocked Local Access to both and

Meanwhile police in Livingstone have arrested three people who were found with documents printed from Barotse Post.

This is the third website the Zambian government has blocked in the past three months, after they blocked Zambian Watchdog in July and later Zambia reports.

The owners of the Barotse Post have advised that anyone from within Zambia trying to access their websites should use proxies.

‘However, our news updates can still be accessed via the following Facebook and twitter accounts:

Twitter Account’ read a statement from the publishers of the websites.

Meanwhile, Zambia police forces picked up three Barotse nationals in Livingston on Sunday for being in possession of news articles they allegedly downloaded from . The three were immediately taken into police custody and upon interrogation one was set free while two were transported to Mongu Central police over seditious or possibly treasonous charges.

The two transferred to Mongu are a Mr. Akakandelwa Erick and a Pastor Matongo, while Mr. Muyunda was released.

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