Zambia bought expired medicine for $10 Million

Zambia bought $10million worth of expired medicine.

Lusaka- Friday 15th December 2017

Health permanent secretary Dr Kennedy Malama has disclosed that his Ministry bought medicine worth $10.5million (K60million) which expired upon arrival

Dr. Malama failed to justify such waste expenditure.

He also disclosed that no one has been punished for the waste and loss of such collosal money but blamed administrative glitches for the loss.

why his Ministry spent over 60 milion kwacha on the procurement of medicines which soon after arrival expired.

Appearing before Public Accounts Committee to answer to 2016 budget expenditure queries, Dr Malama’s explanation was an apology loss of public funds.

The Public Accounts Committee members were not impressed with the response with Nkana member of Parliament Alexander Chiteme cautioning the Ministry of Health against coming up with excuses to justify their incompetence.

And committee chairperson Howard Kunda says it is diificult to understand how Government workers allowed 60 million kwacha public funds can go to the drain.

In his defence, Dr Malama says the medicines did not expire at the same time although disposed of at the same time.

But his explanation angered members saying that if they know they don’t have enough human resource why should they purchase more than they can monitor.

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