Zambia, Brazil abolish visas

Zambia and Brazil have signed an agreement that would remove the requirement of visas by their citizens visiting either country.

This is one of the eight agreements and two memoranda of understanding to enhance cooperation which the two countries entered into today.

One MoU signed Thursday morning in Zambia relates to Food and Nutritional Security and Humanitarian Assistance aimed at implementing a project called ‘Zero Hunger Zambia’.

The MoU will involve the two countries and the World Food Programme, where Brazil contributes 200, 000 US dollars.

The Second MoU in the Field of Sports will focus on support and promotion of sports, exchange of technical visits, courses, seminars, conferences and other matters related to sports administration.

The other agreement which the two countries has signed are in the field of biofuels, which will focus on building capacity and sharing experience regarding the production of change of biofuels from renewable bio mass and other non fuel raw materials.

Other agreements include the vocational training which will focus on training technical skills, the health agreement which will focus on training of capacity building for health professionals, and the complementary agreement under the health sector agreement.

Others include the culture cooperation agreement aimed at enhancing mutual awareness between the two countries, the Education agreement which will focus on the exchange of scholars to do under graduate and post graduate courses between the two countries.

The two countries also signed the Visa exemption which will allow nationals from both Zambia and Brazil exempted from Visa requirements to enter and leave the territory of the two nations for a period not exceeding 90 days.

The last agreement was on the remuneration activities by dependants of diplomatic staff.

Foreign Affairs Minister Kabinga Pande signed on behalf of the Zambian government, while Celso Amorin, Brazilian International relations Minister signed on behalf of Brazil.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by president Rupiah Banda and his visiting Brazilian counterpart Lula da Silva.

And President Banda has honoured da Silva with the medal of the Zambian Eagle for his service to the developing world.

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