Zambia buys another contaminated crude oil

Government says  a cargo ship carrying crude feedstock has been stopped from offloading at the discharging bay in Dar es Salaam because the consignment is contaminated.
Ministry of Energy  permanent secretary Emelda Chola says the crude feedstock has high levels of organic chlorides similar to the cargo that the government  bought in June last year.
“Government wishes to urge consumers and the public at large not to panic, as all measures are being taken to ensure that no contaminated crude feedstock is received in the country,” Chola said.
She said Government is pleased that officers from her ministry were able to promptly detect the contamination and stop the cargo ship from offloading the crude oil but did not give any details on who bought the contaminated oil or why the contamination was  not detected at the point of purchase.
In June last year, the PF government through its agent Gunvor SA supplied contaminated mixed feedstock that led to the closure of Indeni Petroleum Refinery.
Indeni conducted tests to assess the extent of damage which the contaminated feedstock caused to the machinery and shut down the plant.
After the refinery shutdown another assessment revealed that the extent of the damage was estimated at US$2.8 million.

After Gunvor supplied the contaminated  crude oil last year, the same Energy PS Chola told the nation that from that time onwards, the PF government would be testing all crude feedstock consignments before loading the cargo on ships.

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