Zambia incapable of printing ballot papers – Scott

Ceremonial vice President Guy Scott says the country is still not capable of printing ballot papers because the requirements are too excessive for Zambia.

Scott told parliament today that ballot paper printing requires certain specifications which currently cannot be met by Zambian printers.

He said the problem is with specification for candidates and the quality of the paper.

He was responding to a question raised by Lukulu East Member of Parliament Dr. Christopher Kalila who wanted to know why the country has continued to use foreign printers to print ballot papers despite past assurances that ballots for all by-elections to be held after 2011 will be printed locally.

Dr. Kalila pointed out that Dr. Scott had assured the MPs and the country that the Msanzala by-elections which was held in February this year was going to be the last to have ballot papers printed using foreign printers.

Meanwhile the Vice President has said the distribution of relief food in Chama district is not political but part of the routine assistance government is giving to affected people in the district.

He also clarified that the relief food was being distributed in Chama South Constituency and not Chama North as alleged.

Dr. Scott said the relief food that is distributed is strategic because it will assist the affected people in the district.

He stated that the food distribution to the district has been going on for some time including last year where 750 tonnes of maize was distributed to the district adding that only 200 tonnes will be distributed this year.

He was responding to a question raised by Monze MP, Jack Mwiimbu who wanted to know whether the PF government has also adopted a policy by the previous MMD government to take development to areas which are conducting by-elections.

This was during the Vice President’s question time in Parliament.


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