Zambia, Christian nation growing dagga

Zambia, Christian nation growing dagga

Mason Msoni condemns the legalisation of marijuana. He further questions the doctrine of a Christian nation exporting marijuana and the potential spillover effects on the Zambian society.

We think that the aspect of legalising marijuana will undoubtedly spike criminality levels and add a new dimension of addiction to the substance abuse among the youths.

We think that the debate on the legalisation of Marijuana has not been exhaustive.

This is a critical issue involving society and cannot be willynilly be decided by a few elements intending on legally exporting the substance without considering the ramifications and the ultimate spillover effect in the environment and subsequently in the region.

Arguably, legalising marijuana will undoubtedly attract global criminals who will setup camps here and escalate violent drug crimes.

We think that this delinquent government needs a rethink on the legalisation of the substance rather than just the profiteering motive. They’re indeed grave consequences to such hurried and premature crafting of such legislation.

No bonafide self-respecting Christian nation can allow for the cultivation and export of Marijuana because it destroys and ruins lives.It is absolutely leaving a lie.

We think that this piece of legislation is a prelude to a violent society defined by lawlessness and addiction to substance abuse. Gayism and legalisation of Marijuana go hand-in-hand and are both offshoot of moral decay in any given society.

Marijuana will ultimately render the majority of young people into cabbages and spike the numbers of those requiring mental health treatment.

In my submission Marijuana does more criminal damage to society than it benefits it. It is not too late to withdraw this ill timed legislation.

We think that the disadvantages of legalising marijuana by far outweighs any realistic long term benefits as ultimately consumption of the substance becomes normal and widespread.

We think that we are not equipped to handle the resultant violence arising from the consumption of the substance.

We think that it is the desperation to make money that has driven this morally bankrupt and corrupt government to resort to selling the long outlawed substance.

In totality we condemn the legalisation of Marijuana in Zambia regardless of any short term benefits to the Country.
Nason Msoni
All People’s Congress APC

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