Zambia closes private TV

Zambia closes private TV


The Zambian government has suspended the operating licence for the privately owned Prime Television.

About a month ago, ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila chased journalists from Prime TV from the press briefing he held at the party secretariat.

Later Mr. Mwila wrote a letter to the government agency that regulates the broadcast media houses in Zambia, the Independent Broadcast Authority  (IBA) complaining about the private media house and that they must be reprimanded.

Today, the the Zambian government acted through the IBA and suspended the operating licence for the media house.

It’s not the first time that the oppressive PF regime has acted in this manner.

The privately owned Post Newspaper was closed down for being critical of the ruling PF and revelations into corruption.

They had previously suspended the operating licences for other private media houses perceived to be critical of government.

On the other hand, opposition political parties and civil society organizations have been complaining about the monopoly by the public media houses Zambia National Broadcasting, Times of Zambia, and Zambia Daily Mail which are exclusively giving coverage to the ruling PF only while blacking out other voices.

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