Zambia Community schools resemble Kraals-Priest

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Story and Photos By Enerst Mwape-Most buildings in community schools in the country appear like kraals and it is hard to differentiate them, a Mpika Catholic Priest has observed.

Delivering a sermon to celebrate Christ the King observance at Saint Monica Catholic Church in Mpika last weekend, Father Joseph Besa said government should not brag about the mushrooming of community schools because they were not serving any purpose.

Father Besa alleged that most of the buildings in community schools were not environmental friendly because they were an eyesore.

This picture like the other three are of Kanyele Community School in Chief Chikwanda's area in Mpika

This picture like the other two are of Kanyele Community School in Chief Chikwanda's area in Mpika

He noted that because of the poor structures, several parents were reluctant to take their children there for fear that buildings might collapse on them.

“How do you have structures that appear like icinka lya mbushi (goat’s kraal) and expect to produce good results?” asked Father Besa.

He said it was strange to note that even those that tutor children in those schools were either grades seven or nine failures.

He warned that unless the government improved the buildings in those schools and provided better teachers, the attainment of the so called education for all by 2015 or so on would remain a delusion in the country.


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