Zambia starts harassing Malawians after their president snubbed Zambia’ independence

Zambia security officials in the towns that border Malawi have in the past one week stepped  up measures aimed at arresting and or deporting any Malawian found with any offence no matter how small.

Just last week, Zambia deported hundreds 600 Malawians and today three Malawians have been arrested and detained for buying paraffin in containers.

Last week on 24 th October, Malawian president Joyce Banda snubbed at the last minute Zambia’s 48th Independence Celebrations. President Banda was invited to be the chief guest at Zambian State House. The public media advertised the imminent arrival of the Malawian leader who even sent her minister of foreign affairs as advance party.

But Joyce Banda did not show up despite Zambian ministers waiting for her at the airport. The Zambian government never publicly commented on the matter and no one mentioned president Joyce Banda during the celebrations.

Malawi’s Foreign affairs minister who later said he will represent his president was not even given a chance to address the celebrants.

But in a suspicious coincident, three days later later, on October 27, Zambian immigration officials and police deported 600 Malawians.

Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu said the illegal immigrants had migrated to a village in Chief Chanje’s area after they were evicted from Kasungu Game Reserve.

He said the Malawians were repatriated by a combined team of immigration officers and other government security wings.

Zulu explained that the immigrants were living under difficult conditions in Chief Chanje’s area as they were sleeping under trees and did not have safe drinking water or proper sanitation.

And today, October 30, Police in Chipata have detained three Malawi nationals for allegedly transporting petroleum products in unauthorized vessels.

Acting Eastern Division Police Commissioner Anderson Chengo disclosed  Jeran Mvula, Patrick Mvula and William Mvula were found buying Kerosene in containers.

Chengo said the trio connived with a fuel attendant at Engene filling station and procured 13 by 210 litres and 16 by 20 litres of kerosene with intentions of smuggling it into Malawi.

He stated that police have since launched investigations into the matter and that the trio has been charged with an offence of transportation of petroleum products in unauthorized vessels and will appear in court soon.

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