Zambia Council for Social Development remains committed to Grand Coalition

          Press Statement

Lusaka, February 20, 2015/– The Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) would like reaffirm its commitment to the values and core business of the Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution.

The ZCSD remains committed to the agenda of pressing government to deliver on its promise of enacting the new constitution before the 2016 general elections.

The ZCSD specifically demands for the enactment of the People Driven constitution through the referendum. Our work is anchored on promoting social economic development and so our constitution must respond to the needs and aspirations of the ordinary citizens. This can only be achieved with the entrenching expanded Bill of Rights in the republican Constitution.

We urge the people of Zambia to judge those aspiring for public office especially the presidency seeing their inconsistency, dishonesty and appetite for political appointments in the current government.

We therefore, earnestly appeal to His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to ignore such opportunists, who have misled other presidents in the past and cannot thrive on their own. These individuals are tactical job seekers and turncoats and will do anything to attract the President’s attention.

Recently, some political parties that pledged commitment to press government for the new constitution have dropped out of this agenda. These organizations have accused the Grand Coalition of carrying a hidden antagonistic and political agenda against the government. This is a cheap ploy meant to destruct a well-meaning agenda. Our commitment is that we shall remain resolute in our activities.

As member of the group, the ZCSD would like to emphasise that the Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution is not shaken by the departure of political parties. The departure of these political parties is welcome. Some Political parties had become irrelevant and had minimum value addition to the core agenda of the coalition.

It is true that some of the political parties that joined the coalition only exist on paper. They have no structures and membership anywhere in Zambia and decisions have been made by the only member of the party, calling himself president. These parties were inconsistent in their behavior, whiles others had completely lost direction.

In our opinion, the departure of these political parties from the Grand Coalition is a blessing in disguise as this would help the coalition to focus on carrying the voices of the majority Zambians whose interest is not on individual gratification but continues to call for an inclusive development through a good constitution.

Our agenda remains the same. We demand for a new constitution, through a National Referendum before the 2016 general elections.

Issued By:

Lewis Mwape

Executive Director

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